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  1. I have just installed Windows 7 with the default settings. The default power option is for the computer to sleep after 30 minutes. Does this effect Retrospect or is Retrospect's backup activity keep the computer from sleeping and the hard drives powering down? If my computer is going to sleep while Retrospect is running what settings do I need to change to keep Retrospect running when I am not working on my computer? I am running Retrospect 7.7. Thank you, John
  2. Sometimes Retrospec encounters a problem while trying to make a backup and a warning is generated that reads "Interactive Service". When I open the interactive service screen my computer screen turns grey and I get an error message that reads somethin like: Retrospect Execution Error, Backup Incomplete, This may be due to system crash or power failure. I don't mind the warning when something goes wrong with a backup. What I do mind is that when I return to my desktop from the interactive service screen my desktop icons are rearranged. Please tell me how I can turn off these Interactive Service warnings as they seem to cause more trouble that they are worth. Running: Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 Retrospect Professional 7.6.123 Drive Update and HotFix, versiopn
  3. I am attempting to restore my C: dive which contains my operating system, program files and registry. Arfter following the instructions on generated by the wizard I restored the drive but now the computer seems to be stuck in an endless loop of rebooting. The computer restarts and then I logon using my password. Then the computer takes a long time to restart and then brings up a Retrospect Helper screen that says, "System Configuration restyored, the computer will reboot when you press OK". The first few times it did this a box in upper left (Retrospect Helper Service) had three line: Uploading Registry, Deleting Temporary Folders, Updating Meta Data. Each time it rebooted the next line was checked. After that the computer rooted and I still get the Retropect Helper message: "System Configuration restored, the computer will reboot when you press OK". I press OK and the computer shuts itself down, restarts and asks me to log on again. Right now it has done it nine times with the same process happening each time. What should I do next? . Two problems that I encountered in the restore were that the hard drive was drive C:, when the Dell onsite tech installed the new hard drive he failed to unplug my data drive (a different drive) so the new hard drive was named F: . Is it possible that Retrospect cannot restore to a drive with a different drive letter that the backed up drive? It would be possible to reinstall Windows with the other drive uninstalled which would name the new drive as C:. Would this make a difference as to getting a sucessful restore? The other problem is that Restrospect helper was asking for the Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD. Unfortunatly, I had installed SP2 from the web and do not have a SP2 CD. I just ordered a CD from the Microsoft website but the site says that it will take 4 to 6 weeks for the CD to arrive. Is this causing this problem with my restore? Do I need to wait until the Windows SP2 CD arrives before doing a sucessful restore? Thank you, John Retrospect Pro 6.5 Windows XP Home
  4. Aloha, One of our office computers has experienced a hard drive crash. Dell is sending out a new hard drive and a technician to install the hard drive. The computer has two internal hard drives, a C: drive with the operating system and the program files and a D: drive containing all of my data files. Both hard drives were currently backed up on an external hard drive. The D: (Data files) is fine and does not need to be restored. The backup was made using Retrospect Professional 6.5.319. I have an 5 month old Disaster Recovery CD that was made in July of 2005. That Disaster Recovery CD was made on the same computer and the same version of Retrospect but not in conjunction with the current backup set on my external hard drive. Will I be able to restore the C: drive with the operating system and programs to the new hard drive? Is the Disaster Recovery CD specific to a particular back-up set? How do I go about restoring the C: drive once the new hard drive is installed? Thank you, John
  5. Amy, Thanks for the quick reply to my question. Before I try reinstalling the cable, tape drive and Retrospect Express 5.6 I had some other questions. 1) The driver files on the Onstream Site are labeled: Freecom145.zip. On the Freecom site they are labeled: 00001013.zip. The Freecom145.zip is the file that I've used previously to get the cable working. I just wanted to check with you incase I need to find the files that you had listed. Will the drivers contained in the Freecom145.zip work to install the Freecom cable that I have? 2) I had the tape drive reconized by the Device Manager as working properly and the drivers was listed as the sc2k driver. These are the drivers that had worked previously. Is there any other reason or issue that would prevent Retrospect Express from recognizing my OnStream USB30 tape drive? 3) Does it matter if the cable and tape drive are installed before installing Retrospect? Thank you, John
  6. Aloha, I have just come back from vacation to a broken computer. I needed to reinstall Windows 2000 Pro with SP2 and all of the critical updates. After I got Windows running I reinstalled all of my applications and Norton Anti-Virus. Next I've tried to get my OnStream USB30 tape drive working. So far I've got Retrospect Express 5.6 installed and running but it doesn't see the tape drive in the devices window. How can I get Retrospect to see my tape drive (OnStream USB30)? Under Device Manager I can see the Tape Drives/OnStream USB30. Under the tape drive's Proerties it says that the device is working properly. Under the drivers tab I've updated the driver to sc2k.sys. Still Retrospect does not see the tape drive. How can I get Retrospect to see my tape drive (OnStream USB30)? Thanks, John
  7. Yesterday Retrospect had frozen after ejecting a tape. None of the controls worked and I eventually used Task Manager to end the program and then I rebooted the machine. As the tape had been ejected before Retrospect froze I assume that the catolog had been updated as to what point the backup had been sucessfully completed. After I restarted the machine I open Retrospect and started the backup using the next tape in the series. During the backup to that next tape the backup froze again. This was similar to the freeze that I had written about in my first post in that it was tape 3 of 4. It would seem that it was most of the way through the the tape when it froze. This time I was able to hit the stop button but after that all of the program controls are greyed out or not reponding. I am able to open the log and help menus but nothing else responds. It would seem that the program is frozen again. Task Manager reports that the program is running. It would seem that I'll need to have to use the Task Manager to end Retrospect again. 1) Do I need to start the whole backup over again at tape #1 or is there a way that I can check the catolog to see where the backup left off and then resume the backup with tape #3? 2) Is there a way to diagnose why Retrospect is freezing up? 3) Can you tell me how to check the firmware version of my OnStream drive? Thank you, John
  8. Hello, I am trying to back up my 60GB Maxtor HD using Retrospect Express 5.6.127 on my OnStream 30GB (actually 13 GB) USB tape drive. This back up has run successfully in the past but it has also crashed in the past. Last night after tape #3 (of 4) the back up locked up and I had to use the Windows (2000 Pro, SP2) Task Manger to shut down the program. As I mentioned, this has happened before and it is disappointing and troublesome. Last night it happend in the middle of the night while there were no other programs running. I have three questions. 1) What can I do to prevent or minimize the chance of Retrospect Express from locking up? 2) Running a backup seems to slow my computer. I'd like to be able to stop a backup in the middle of the backup, work on my computer for a while and then resume the backup. It would be nice if I could run one backup tape per night and work on my computer during the day. Can I use the Stop Button on the Immediate Backup window to stop the backup, shut down Retrospect and then resume the backup later? 3) I'm running v 5.6.127. The last update that I ran was v2.7. I have downloaded v2.8. Is there any advantage to upgrading to version 5.6.132? How can I upgrade to version 5.6.132? OK, that was four questions. Thank you, John
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