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  1. Mayoff, thanks for replying. I did previously connect the 2 computers directly through a simple switch: it didn't help. I hear you saying the issue must be on one of the 2 computers, but ... what then? What's frustrating is that this worked wonderfully, then stopped working for some unknown reason (an auto-upgrade?). Cawsc1, I did try the firewall applet you mentioned, but again, it had no effect. Like you, I have simply resigned myself to doing this by IP address. It's frustrating because I am a Retrospect customer because I like the technical elegance of their solution, and this is somewhat counters that.
  2. Thanks for the advice, but it didn't help either. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and upgraded ... twice. Didn't accomplish anything. I also turned off everything I could find to turn off in Norton, with no impact. I can still find the client via direct IP, but nothing else. Any other ideas? The software is useless if it can't find clients...
  3. My Retrospect Professional software can no longer find the single client I have on the network. But ... under Configure | Clients | Add | Test I can type in the IP address of the client machine and instantly get a message that there is a Retrospect Client there, and it gives the correct name of the machine. Typing in a different IP address gets a failure. So, it can find the client, but it can't. What do I do?? BTW, on the client there is a checkbox that says "Protected by a Retrospect Server". The documentation is a little unclear on this, and I don't know for sure whether to have it checked or unchecked ... but in any case, everything used to work, and now it doesn't. Can anyone help? I'm running v8.2 on the main machine (upgraded from v8.1 during this troubleshooting process), and the client is v8.1 (please don't tell me to update the client, because the server can't talk to the client to get it updated!).
  4. I get the following errors at the start of every backup, but the backup seems to run OK anyway. Can someone tell me what this means? MapError: unknown Windows error -1,017 VssWAddComponentToSnapshot: UGetComponentInfo failed., osErr -1017, error -1001 Note that I am running on Windows 8, with Retrospect Professional v8.1 (surprisingly, just bought this yesterday and didn't get v8.2 for the download). I am backing up to an external WD Passport drive.
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