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  1. I have a working (circa 1993) Sony SDT-4000 DAT drive (originally OEMed by Micronet) and a collection of unused 90M, 4mm tapes that could be put to use with Retrospect and Mac OS 9 on a modern TCP/IP network if I can locate Sony's last firmware updater software that was issued for this drive. While the SDT-4000 doesn't have the capacity to handle today's largest, desktop hard drives, the device is still in good condition and still could be put to use backing up my laptop across a network. The firmware in my SDT-4000 is v2.09. Apparently, firmware updater v3.02 -- software I never even knew existed thanks to the vendors lack of communications with customers -- is needed. Neither MicroNet nor Sony have the software archived on their servers any longer (Apparently, I missed it by one year). I am assuming this tape device can be updated from a connected Mac. Any help would be appreciated. A note to drive manufacturers -- you are selling archiving devices and systems. Your products -- and companies -- are useless if you don't keep all software available -- at least for the projected lifespan of the media -- and hopefully much longer. It's not that difficult to figure out that this is essential to maintaining and accessing valuable, archived data, not to mention faith in your products. Jeez, do customers have to do all the tech support thinking? George Wedding georgewedding@geopix.com
  2. Can anyone outline the steps for backing up an internal HD to a CD-R? I'm working on a PowerBook G3/300 running Mac OS 9.1 and using Retrospect 4.2. The process seems a bit confusing at first glance - it is not outlined in any detail in the version 4x manual and my first attempt failed. I launched Retrospect, defined the backup source and destination files and started an Immediate backup. I was then surprised to see Toast automatically launch -- and somewhat surprised that I then had to drag the two folders I previously had selected in Retrospect into the Toast data window and name the CD as one does in a regular Toast session. However, the backup session subsequently failed due to a buffer underrun error. I'm not even sure if the removable drive bay CD-R (Matshita 4x Xcaret Pro CDRW Drive from MCE) is supported by Retrospect - it does not appear to be listed on the Web site. No matter what, a short step-by-step, overview tutorial on backups to a CD-R would be appreciated. - George Wedding
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