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  1. My catalog is 1.65GB, containing 2.6 million files. I created it in Retrospect 9, and the restore performance is very slow, as you wrote. But if I wait until the end of each beachball, I can restore successfully. Let's hope the engineers are reading this. I really want Retrospect 9 to be as great as 6 was...
  2. I'm moving directly from Retrospect 6 in Snow Leopard to Retrospect 9 in Lion. I love some of the new features, but am baffled by why the program is so slow while setting up a restore (click, beachball, click, beachball...). But once the script is running, it accesses data very quickly. Looking at the big picture, I'm backing up (3) Macs to a hard disk set, performance is great, at around 2.2GB/min., small test restores have been fine. Cheers to the Retrospect team making this software great again!
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