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  1. Daniels, Is there a way to alter the script to only backup what has changed since the previous Weekly backup? Example: Weekly/Monthly backups runs Friday night and backup everything on the drive. I would like the Daily to only backup Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday what has changed since the Weekly/Monthly completed. Right now it does a complete backup on Friday and Tuesday and then the changes on Wednesday & Thursday. So i'm still using more tapes than I would like. Thanks.
  2. Daniels, Thank you very much for the step by step instructions. I followed them and now have the rotation I have wanted since day one. Hopefully I can save some tapes as well.
  3. Unfortunately the UI is not straight forward enough as I learned this last summer when I tried to restore one folder from backup and ended up deleting everything on the drive. So to me this software has a long way to go. It may be a good idea for them to do some sort of wizard front end with traditional tape library backups in templates for daily, weekly, and monthly rotations.
  4. Is there a script already made somewhere that I could see how this is setup?
  5. I would like to create a script that will do the following: - Daily backup, Monday thru Thursday to one set of tapes. - Create 5 tape sets; Week1, Week2, Week3, Week4, and Week5. - Once Week 5 is complete, Week1's tapes would recycle to the next 5 week cycle I watched the 5 day rotation script video by Retrospect on YouTube but I'm not sure that it is quite what I am looking for. Can anyone help me with this?
  6. Why does Retrospect still try to restore all 3.8 TB instead of only what is missing, which is what I set in the restore script. There should only be about 1 TB remaining?
  7. Lennart, The restore is for a total of just over 1.8 million files. Is there something I can do to be sure that it actually is setting the permissions vs. the application just hanging? The server becomes unresponsive during the time when the application is not responding. Is there maybe a way I can have Retrospect ignore setting permissions and finish the restore? Then I can just apply permissions in OS X. Thanks, Chad
  8. I have a 2012 Mac Pro Server (3.2GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, 16GB RAM) running Mountain Lion Server 10.8.4 and Retrospect 10.1.0 (221). It's connected to a G-Tech G-Speed ES Pro 12TB (9TB RAID 5) connected via mini SAS to an ATTO ExpressSAS R680 and a Overland NEO 200s connected via fibre channel. I have been running Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups for the last 6+ months to LTO5 tape with no issues. Ran a couple simple and small test restores to a local second hard drive on the Mac Pro and that went fine. Now I've run into an issue that required me to re-format the external RAID and restore from tape backup. Should be easy using the previous weeks full weekly backup along with the daily incremental backups should put me very close to where I need to be. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me get Retrospect 10 to restore the data without going non-responsive most of the way through. I have had to force quit Retrospect multiple times and re-boot the server to restart it. I have 3.8TB to restore and the best I can get is about 3TB before it locks up. I have tried multiple times to "Restore only missing files" but the progress details show the entire 3.8 TB remaining. The entire restore should take roughly 8 hours but it never finishes. Retrospect support has helped with a few things but unfortunately I still need help and their support is closed on the weekends, unfortunately I don't have that luxury. Thanks in advance to any help I can get.
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