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  1. Thanks for your help. Useful to know about the manual Recycle in the Properties of the backup set.
  2. Yes, sorry, I meant Recycle not Refresh. I'll try to stop the backup, kill all restrospect tasks, and try to set things up properly for a recycle backup.
  3. I'm on Retrospect 9.0 and Windows 8.0. And yes, Retrospect is in the middle of a long backup (last time it ran it was still doing the post-backup comparisons after two days). Trouble is, this backup repeats every couple of days, so when the current backup ends the next is in danger of starting. Can I just stop the backup in the Dashboard (click on stop), then go into the main application to change the settings? And in future, how do I do a one-off refresh type backup of an existing backup? What I tried was just to edit the backup type in the schedule, and then the next time it ran it was a refresh. But I want to get it off refresh, and in future just do a one-off refresh. Thanks.
  4. I can no longer seem to open up the main Retrospect application. When I run Retrospect.exe, I just get the silly Retrospect Dashboard (that is very very laggy on my system and basically useless). I need to get in to the main application to change a backup setting, because a big backup keeps on doing a refresh type backup every two days and I can't switch it back to incremental. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.
  5. OK thanks. Usually the UAC dialog appears when Admin is required; guess not in this instance. Is there any way of launching the dashboard from within Retrospect?
  6. So I upgraded to v9, and notice that the new dashboard is not actually part of the main interface, but a separate application. Odd, but nevermind. More importantly, the dashboard doesn't actually display anything for me, other than the attached message. Never refreshes to show anything. It did once, right at the start, but not now. Even when I did see something, it was VERY slow to scroll up/down... very sluggish and unresponsive. Shame, since this is probably the main (only?) new feature that I upgraded for... probably didn't need to upgrade but I like to show support for a great product... it just works (except for the dashboard!). Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Yes it is a scheduled script. But to get scheduled scripts to work at all, I did already have to change logon details of the Launcher service (there is another thread on here about that). So I'm not sure it can be that? It appears to occur for backups from C: to an NAS, but not for backups from the NAS to another NAS. And, even with the error, the job still seems to complete OK (as the above example suggests), so if there were a permissions issue, wouldn't the whole backup fail miserably?
  8. Thanks, that's handy to know. I have a delve into that log file, and am seeing quite a few of the errors like the following, even though the backup script seems to run successfully (emphasis added):
  9. Hi Dan Thanks for your input. I've never connected via remote desktop, but your post gave me a clue... the bit about starting Retrospect when it's already running in another session on that server. I thought I'd open the task manager and see whether there were in fact instances of Retrospect already running. Sure enough, there were two background instances of Retrospect, and a Retrospect background launcher. I killed them all, then tried to open up Retrospect again... and it worked! It's weird, because this problem persisted even after many system reboots, so it's not as if a bad Retrospect instance in the current login... even rebooting didn't kill things off cleanly. So it now seems to be catching up on some scheduled backups it missed, and after that I'll restart everything and see if it's all back to normal. Thanks again for the hint. UPDATE: OK it seems to have stalled on the same backup set I think it stalled on last time before this issue arose. I'll report that in a separate post. Mike
  10. I'm getting the above message when I try to open up Retrospect (Win 8). What is likely to be the issue? So far as I know, nothing has fundamentally changed on my system in the last week. I vaguely recall that I had to quit one of the backup scripts during execution, and perhaps that is the root cause? I think that was the last backup to run. Any ideas as to how to fix this? If it's a case of uninstalling / reinstalling, how do I set things up again so that I don't have to go through the pain of a first-time backup again? All my backup sets are still in place, and the catalog files are sitting there in another folder too. Thanks, Mike
  11. I'm struggling to understand how the size of the backup set responds to my changes. On a test backup set, I go into Properties of a Member on the Members tab, and change the size up in increments up to 18GB. Nothing changes back on the Members tab... always shows Size = 9.3GB, Free = 8.7GB. Then I click up one more to 19GB... and suddenly the Members tab start tracking it... Size jumps up to 19GB (as requested) and Free to 18.4GB. For each subsequent increase in requested size, the Members tab tracks it. So why does it stick on 9.3GB/8.7GB until I request a size of 19GB, when it leaps up?
  12. Once a backup set has been created, and at least one backup performed to that backup set, is it possible to go into the Properties of the backup set and increase (or even decrease) the disk capacity set aside for that backup set? For example, I may decide that I need to allocate more space to a backup set, and may therefore wish to change it after the event. Is it possible to do this without destroying anything and forcing you to start the backup from scratch? Thanks, Mike
  13. OK thanks. I'll see if changing the "Log On As" user for the Retrospect Launcher service will help. The destination (or perhaps it was the source) is a NAS share, with access rights only to me... I guess that the System user won't have access to the share. http://kb.retrospect.com/articles/en_US/Retrospect_Article/What-causes-error-1101-file-or-folder-not-found-on-an-unattended-backup-of-a-Microsoft-networking-volume/?q=error+-1101&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1 Update: that seems to do it. The scheduled backup script launches fine even when Retrospect is not open. I note that there are other Retrospect services.... what about the Retrospect Instant Scan and Helper services... do those need to be logged on as me too? Thanks, Mike
  14. Hi My backup script was all set to run at a certain time, but this failed to happen. Within the event log, there is a related event that says "Can't access Backup Set XXX, error -1101". This was when I didn't actually have the Retrospect application open... I was testing to see whether it needed to be open, but despite not being open it seems that there *was* an attempt to run the script, but it failed. There is no problem with the destination drive not being available: it is. And running the same script manually from within Retrospect works fine. What is likely to be the issue? I note that when I fire up Retrospect, UAC kicks in each time and asks me to confirm opening the app. Could that be an issue when Retrospect tries to run a scheduled backup in the background... it tries but fails due to lack of UAC permissions? I see that there may also be a requirement to set the Log On As for the Retrospect Launcher service? What about the Retrospect Instant Scan and Helper services... those too? I'm on Windows 8, 64 bit. Thanks, Mike
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