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  1. When you wrote: "Devices and list Vendor, Product and Version for you drive" Do you mean the information that comes up when you click the "Devices" button? Because when I click the button, I get a "no devices found" type of message.
  2. When I click on the device button in Retro 5, the software responds with no devices found type of message, in Retro 4.3 it finds device.
  3. We have recently updated our retrospect 4.3 to 5 and consequently lost the ability to backup to our HP cd-writer 9200 series. I can still open Retrospect 4.3 and the writer works fine on it. Although, in Retro 5, we cant event see the device when we click the device button. The whole reason for upgrading was to add OSx 10.2 compatability. What could the problem be? I have installed all the updates ( Retrospect 5.0.236), but no change. The drive is an HP CD-Writer 9200 series (C4456A), external (scsi) On the compatibility list there is a 9200i (C4457A), does this mean that my drive is not supported?
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