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  1. Thanks. I believe all is well with the files moved out of the way. Bill
  2. I have several backup sets in a series which no longer have any media associated with them, because their media were overwritten with a ?? backup. For most of the other sets for which this is true, the files are nothing more than a 748 byte data fork with a 47k resource fork. For some of the files, the data fork is still the same size as a backup set. Example listing from the terminal (so it shows data forks only): Code: -rw-rw---- 1 someone admin 748 28 Jul 2003 SomeSet A [004] -rw-rw---- 1 someone admin 21602204 5 Sep 2003 SomeSet A [005] -rw-rw---- 1 someone admin 155571068 14 Apr 16:52 SomeSet A [006] Note that there are no more tapes which would be identified as being a part of any of these backup sets. Is there some way to get the big files down to the size of the small file? If I erase the unused pieces of the backup set, with the numbering get messed up? Thanks, Bill Retrospect Workgroup 5.1.177 on Mac OS X 10.3.8
  3. Hey folks, I'd like to be able to back up my backup sets from my computer to a remote computer, so that in the event of a catatstrophe on the local machine, I could avoid rebuilding catalogs for the tapes. I had been using a cron job to trigger the mirroring built into Interarchy, because it's so simple to do, but I noticed that at some point in the past, the backups stopped working correctly. The problem is this: the backup set files have a resource fork but no file extension, so that I cannot easily tell interarchy to back up the file using MacBinary. Trying to use SFTP to send the files using standard binary compression uploads nothing more than a header (128 bytes of null characters). FTP is correctly disabled on the remote machine, so it is not an option. Questions: Is there any way to get Retrospect to add and recognize a file extension to the file names? [i never thought I'd *want* a file extension!] Failing this, does anyone else do this type of backup from a Mac OS X machine to Linux machine? If so, could you clue me in about how you do it? It would beat fighting with applescript to be able to backup the files. Thanks, Bill Mac OS X 10.3.8 running Retrospect Workgroup 5.1.177
  4. The hang-on-compare problem returned and was vanquished by the firmware upgrade for my VXA-1 tape drive from earlier last year. Still, I figured I'd post the details, in case anyone else runs into the problem. Here were the details of the hang-on-compare this time: The hang-on-compare problem happened with a non-boot drive, so repairing permissions couldn't have been a help. When I canceled the hung backup, Retrospect sat for a good while, say >10 minutes, then canceled. If I tried to look at the devices through Retrospect, the correct tape member showed up in the correct tape drive, BUT Retrospect sat. Clearly, there must have been some sort of communication problem. Shutting off the tape drive caused Retrospect to go back to normal behavior (which is better than force-quitting Retrospect). Here's what I did this time: + Cleaned the tape (again) (result: nothing good) + Verified the drives on the machine using Disk Utility. (nothing) + Zapped the PRAM (nothing) + Unplugged firewire and turned off tape drive, rebooted (nothing) + Installed the latest firmware (11100) since this apparently can fix communication hangs. (fixed!) Also: held in the eject button to see what the last error codes were, but this was likely immaterial. Problem fixed, for another year and a half. It seems that the common denominator between these two incidences was that they both happened after cleaning the tape heads. Whatever. My system is slightly different, in case it means anything: Mac OS X 10.3.8 on a dual 800 G4 quicksilver Retrospect version 5.1.177 Driver Update 4.3.103 VXA-1 firewire tape drive with firmware 2EAE (before the hangs) 1110 (after) -- Bill
  5. One of the MS Win2000 clients which I back up spits up roughly 50 of these messages at each backup: Code: Can't read file ".", error -120 (folder not found), path C:\WINNT\.". The knowledge base doesn't shed much light on the error; the manual sheds none. Anyone know what the problem might be? Setup: Retrospect 5.1 running under Mac OS X 10.3.3 backing up MS WinWhatever machines across a LAN. Thanks, Bill
  6. The knowledge base seems to be getting baffled. Searching for 'error' under any of the products gives Quote: 0% java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\dantz\httpd\search_index\segments (The system cannot find the file specified) at java.io.RandomAccessFile.open(Native Method) at java.io.RandomAccessFile.(RandomAccessFile.java:200) at org.apache.lucene.store.FSInputStream$Descriptor.(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.store.FSInputStream.(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.store.FSDirectory.openFile(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos.read(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader$1.doBody(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.store.Lock$With.run(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader.open(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.index.IndexReader.open(Unknown Source) at org.apache.lucene.search.IndexSearcher.(Unknown Source) at com.dantz.search.Search.main(Search.java:32) Exception in thread "main"..
  7. This is a follow-up: An uninstall and reinstall of the client would accomplish that Uninstalling and reinstalling the client did not fix the problem. I went and searched the client machine for files modified on the day where the backups started failing, in hopes of finding a lock file or some other settings file which would cause automatic deferrals. While there were many files which were altered, I couldn't find anything which I thought might be traceable to Retrospect. Has anyone found a cause for the autodeferral problem?
  8. An uninstall and reinstall of the client would accomplish that. This would be true if the file which were left in a comprimised state were in the files wiped by the uninstaller. If it's a tmp file it might not be noticed by an uninstaller. This appears to be Maser's experience. Still, this is probably the only solution until the underlying cause can be identified. Ugh. Can you try uninstalling/reinstalling/updating your Network adapter drivers? Not really. I'm a professor backing up others' machines over the school network. I'm not a sysadmin, not even for the department computers. Besides - all others' MS Windows machines are working just fine. Can you try another NIC in the machine? The client is a laptop. It has just one NIC. My machine is a plain old desktop. It has just one NIC. This is a really small time operation running on a big network. Thanks again.
  9. Here's a thought about what could cause the trouble (a shot in the dark): For a couple of backups before the autodeferrals, there were some communications errors. During the last semi-successful backup, one hard drive backed up just fine, but during the backup (not the compare) of a second drive attached to the machine, there was a '519 network communication failed' error. I would guess that the person at the client computer unhooked the external drive while getting ready to leave for the day. So... my guess is that some file which retrospect uses on the client machine was left in a bad state, and it is this file which is causing the autodeferrals. Unfortunately, I have no clue how to track down such a mystery file, since I know little about temporary files in MS Windows. If it were a Mac problem, I'd trash preference files. Is there a similar first-try solution in the MS Windows world?
  10. Does your client respont to standard backup scripts? Yes. I made a plain old backup script, fired it up, and it started looking through the client hard drive. Does creating a separate backup server script for this client make any difference? No. The backup server scripts defer regardless of which script tells it to back up anything from the client machine. Have you tried uninstalling the current client and downgrading to the 6.0 Windows client? No. I'm not sure I'm willing to try, because of lack of time and inclination. The machine in question was working just fine until these autodeferrals started up. Since I run the backups as a sideline, rather than as a true admin, I'm looking for a solution which won't involve reinstallations each time the problem occurs. From what Maser says earlier, reinstallation sometimes works, sometimes fails. Still, I'll keep it in mind if no real solution comes up soon. Thanks for the questions, though.
  11. I'm having the same troubles here. One MS Windows 2000 client started deferring automatically. I updated to the nearly latest and greatest (meaning the latest and greatest for Retrospect 5.1), all to no avail. His system: MS Windows 2000 version 5.00.2195 sp4. Deferring started when using client v6.5.131 and continued for client v6.5.136. The only new software he recalls having put on the computer of late was the Google toolbar inside of MSIE. Of course, it would be bizarre if this were blocking the dialog box from Retrospect (which isn't even a real popup window) when MSIE isn't running. My system: Mac OS X 10.3.3 version 5.1.177 using the 4.3.103 drivers. The problem started when I was using 5.1.175 with the 4.2.105 drivers. It would be nice if someone would find the solution to this problem. -- Bill
  12. Prepurchasing upgrades seems to be a bit like paying money in a protection racket. "Pay me now, and you won't have to pay in the future!" This is especially true when bug-fixes come out as costly upgrades. One would think that since Panther has been ballyhooed by Apple for so long, that the folks at Dantz might have figured out a strategy for upgrades before the update came out. Unless, of course, they are trying to figure out just how much money can be milked out of an Apple OS upgrade. Bill
  13. Will the bug-fix for 5.1 be a free update? I have yet to update to 5.1, because my department is strapped for money, the major feature of 5.1 (Linux support) was unimportant, and the bug fixes (though nice) were not critical. It would be bad enough to pay full upgrade price for an 8-month-old bug fix (5.1) without having to then pay for yet another upgrade in 2 months time. Bill
  14. Hmm... another recycle backup, another hang on the boot drive. Just so folks can see what Retrospect was displaying: Notice that the drive sat the entire night without doing anything. I guess I'll have to play the subvolume game, though it seems to be a colossal waste of time. Does anyone have any other hints?
  15. It's set to backup the client desktop. It makes sense that Retrospect would be bothered by the missing E: drive, but I'm not sure why the second backup even happened. Perhaps the first one was looking for information from before the power failure, and hence marked itself as bad, then the second backup missed drive E:, and marked itself as bad. Sounds like a reasonable explanation, even if it is rather mysterious. Thanks for the tip. Bill