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  1. I had this issue, and it turned out to be that I had another instance of Retro client installed on the OSX client in question. I don't remember if it was the old one, from under OS9, or just a lame install on OSX, but there is info somewhere here (sorry,don't have the link) that if you remove any and all of the RETRO install info, and then do a clean install according to instructions provided by the proper client, it cleared up my issue which was precisely the symptoms you are describing. Hope that helps. Schmelkus
  2. I back up much more than that every night to tape, so I don't know what is causing your error, but it's not because a storageset volume has a 2GB limit, because that isn't the case. My SDLT Tapes hold 160GB in one member/tape, and I fill them up all the time. I've run as many as 8 DLT tapes (40GB) in a storageset at one time. Sounds like something is amiss. I don't know about backing up to a hard disk, as I don't do that, but that shouldn't matter. -Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but maybe this eliminates one variable for you. -Schmelkus
  3. I found my problem. I had the client in my OS9 folder on the client, since the mac in question had been upgraded from OS9 to Panther recently. I saw somewhere else on the forum something about old files installed by the client installer remaining and causing this type of problem. Anyway, when I removed all of that, and tried the install after a reboot, and everything was good.
  4. I have this problem occasionally, and it appears on some systems (seemingly beyond repair) while others will have no problem at all. I have done a "clean install" (uninstall, reboot, reinstall) to no avail.... can ANYONE point me in a direction to get this fixed? OS 9 workgroup server (9.22 running REtro 5.02xx) 10.38 OSX clients running client 5.0.540 This setup has gotten us by for so long that I am INCREDIBLY reluctant to change, especially these days with the acquisition. You know how it is... if it isn't broke. Well, this isn't working, but it isn't broke either... something is just amiss. Thanks, Schmelkus
  5. Has this ever been resolved? Having the same trouble here, using Retro 5 on Mac 9.2.2, and clients not shutting down are OS X, one Jaguar, one Panther. I had heard like a year ago that this was feature not supported (shutting down X clients) and that the plans to impliment this feature were in limbo... though I can't imagine why, it's one of the single best features ever. Anyone? Amy? Robin? Someone? I've been searching this place for a week and can't find any final word on this issue. Is there a patch yet for 5.0 to fix this, or is it even addressed in Retro6? anyone?
  6. Has this been changed yet, can't find much reference to the issue in the waves of information here. Surely they wouldn't take such a great feature away and not play to reinstate it?
  7. When my SCSI CDRW drive failed on my Backup server that was running retrospect 4.2 flawlessly with the scsi cdrw AND a HP surestore DLT 7000 for archiving and automated backup purposes (all this on a g4 450 with os 9.0.4), I got on the web AND called retrospect to find out which firewire drive would best support their 4.2 product, or would it. They let me know that I needed to upgrade my old retro to 5.0, and gave me a list of mac compatible firewire CDRW drives. I bought the suggested drive (Yamaha 3200FXZ) with strangely enough, came packaged with a limited version of Retro, and had the mac emblem on the side of the box. I patted myself on the back for being so proactive about upgrading the failing drive and keeping the main issue in check...will my archiving system function properly. Well, since getting the suggested drive, which is still on the supported list here on the site, I have had the worst luck with execution errors. Failure to read media. media failure. error 205 (bad media, damaged headers, etc) I paid for my "one day of tech support/pay per issue" whatever, and no one had any better suggestions than the obvious.... pare down the extensions, etc. All of which I had already tried, but appeased them to get to the end of the issue with no question marks. I went so far as to try a new media brand/type, which was working, I thought, for a while, but now when I go to read those archives that were created [succesfully?] with the new media, I'm getting the same old errors. I can't archive 1GB without 5-20 errors, and all of them tell me things that can't be possible. Bad media. Bad drive. Whatever. All I know is that I didn't get anywhere with Retro trying to pinpoint the issue. Really getting to the end of my rope, drives are getting full, and archives are being neglected. Can ANYONE help with a suggestion as to what I can do. This is a catalog of an entire year of work that is now starting to fail and I'm stressing. This used to work without issue, now I've spent a week of sundays trying to get this thing to work. sidenote: I to run ASIP 6.3.3, and have shut it all down just so my retrospect will start up without locking up. Apple or no Apple, 4.2 didn't have this problem with ASIP, isn't there something that retro can do to fix this? My shop won't go "X" until Quark quits dragging it's feet. Or until we learn to love InDesign, whichever comes first. Again, this is just a sidenote, and has been removed from the equation of my original concern....EXECUTION ERRORS ON GOOD MEDIA, WRITTEN BY A NEW YAMAHA DRIVE. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ok, I just tried a few more things (again) and I'm getting a lot of "media failure" when inserting old catalog members that worked fine with the old drive. AUUUUUGGHHHHHHH!!
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