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  1. I wonder if I can ask for some guidance on how to consolidate my backups to release more space. Something like grooming, but not quite. As I understand it grooming removes according to a file's age. I would like to rip out backups of a particular source to create space in a (disk) media set in Retrospect 10 (Mac). Is there a way to do this? Also, if by doing this I free up very large amounts of space, I hope it is possible to consolidate the retrospect files onto a smaller number of disk volumes (members) to free up these disks for other uses.
  2. Further to my question about redistributing rdb files to new folders... In the directory structure created by Retrospect there is a single file in the Retrospect folder that contains the media set folders called "Backup Media". It is 0 kb and I guess just flags something to Retrospect. Any ideas what this is and whether I need to recreate it in my new folders on my USB disks?
  3. Thanks, I'll give it a try then. Obviously not something I want to be doing. So many TBs of data not something one casually moves about.
  4. I am having some problems rebuilding a media set from members located on two SMB NAS shares. So I want to move them to a couple of USB disks and so off the network. Unfortunately although the total size of my 2 USB disks is more than adequate (2x 4TB), one of the NAS shares that contains most of the data has 4.2TB of retrospect data. i.e. 200 GB more than will fit on either of the USB drives. I wondered whether, given that the rdb files that make up the data are in 630 MB chunks, can I redistribute them across the 2 USB disks and still have a chance of rebuilding a media set out of them?
  5. I have a single media set with 2 members, each member being on a different NAS share. The total size of the backed up data being 4.5 TB. Recently when restoring files we have had the "needs media" error come up. I am using a Mac for the server and client, and I am not mounting the NAS shares in the Finder. But I can independently access the shares on another computer to check that files are present. Verifying the Media Set eventually gives the needs media error. I don't attempt to Choose media, as I know that way lies madness. The usual operator selected Choose Media while restoring and inadvertently littered the share with new folders/members that contain nothing. Repairing the Media Set allows me to select the members. It tells me how many files are in each, and the verification lasts for just 1 second and proclaims success, but really nothing has changed thereafter. Restores still fail. Rebuilding allows me to select the members, review information about them, and the rebuilding process begins, but stops with "needs media". I have removed and added both shares to the Sources list also, and tried the above again. The shares are accessed via SMB. I have closed down other networking services on these shares. I am running Retrospect 10.1 on a Mac OSX 10.6.8, backing up to 2 Samba shares running on two identical QNAP NAS devices. My next step seems to be to put transfer the media to local USB disks and try to rebuild from there. A lot of data to throw about, so this is getting time consuming as well as futile. I would be grateful for any bright ideas to resolve this issue.
  6. You helped me enormously by pointing this out. I now know why my back-up was asking for media (http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150426-media-sets-on-a-nas/). Apologies, as I am probably cross posting... now how do I make Retrospect mount "Foo" automatically after a restart? At the moment my Retrospect only mounts the destination volume if I try to verify the media set it contains - and then I have to press a blinking tape icon. Should it do this automatically? I kind of thought the Retrospect engine would handle that sort of thing.
  7. Thanks BDMSTUDIOS for directing me there. Looking there I think CallMeDave's post explains what I am seeing somewhat: But what I am now finding (by using Terminal to inspect /Volumes/) is that Retrospect does not automatically mount the shares it has been directed to! What I have to do is begin the verify media set process, and click on the little tape icon that appears when it can't find the share, and this triggers the mounting of all the shares it knows about, not just the one it needs. Any ideas anyone?
  8. I have just started backing a 4TB USB disk (with 1.9 TB of data) to a NAS disk using a new install of Retrospect 10. I added the 4.5 TB NAS disk as a share and added it as a disk media set containing just one member, configured to use 90% of the available space. The backup got a good way through the process of backing up (1.7 TB) but then threw up an error saying "needs media". I created a new member to the set on the same disk, and it finished the backup after a couple of retries. However, running the backup again it keeps demanding new media, even though the disk is not half full. As far as I can see it is configured to append to the media set, not to try to start on a new member. I wonder if I am missing something fundamental that is causing it to fail. I have read through the documentation but can't find anything that addresses this, as the "needs media" error seems to be more related to tape drives. Any help appreciated!
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