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  1. Hi, I've been using Drobo 5N & 5D for backup destinations. Recently the 5D had to be retired and I am using a 2012 Pegasus R4. I am looking to replace it as I am concerned about its age (this is for a small business). I have been looking at Synology NASs as a replacement - specifically the DS1621+. I can find very little information on people using this as the primary backup destination for Retrospect Backup 17 (single server license). Will they work together? Cheers, Francis
  2. Hi, When ever I open the app to look at my backups it startas OK and shows backups running (ProActive at the moment) but then freezes. I then have to Froce Quit the Retrosopect App and then try and restart the engine. Sometimes the only way to restart the engine is to restart the Mac. I have reinstalled Retrospect numerous times but still get the freeze issue. My macOS 10.15.5.
  3. Hi, I have a single server plus client setup runing on 15.6.1. Whenever I look at the Backup Report Pie chart I think that I've got loads of failed backups unprotected clients as a number of clients are appearing in the grey section. However if I look at these clients in the "Past Backups" I can see they have run successfully. This isn't for all clients. Any ideas? Thanks, Francis
  4. All sorted now. Seems the v15.5 version updated all clients as expected.
  5. I am still having this issue on some of my clients. Can anyone help on this? Oddly not on all of the clients but can't work out the reason.
  6. Did this problem get fixed? I have it on a number f my clients when backing up Dropbox folders.
  7. Latest update (23 May) worked to a degree. I have had to manually update some clients in but most worked.
  8. Hi, Every time I update our Mac Retrospect Server (15.1 as of today) I seem to have to go to all my Mac and Win clients and manually install the client app again. The "Update" on the server interface looks like it is doing stuff but when I go back after some time (hour more) I refresh the clients and find that they are still on the previous version - except one. Why is this. Is it user error somewhere? Using the .rcu that I dowloaded for each OS type, Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have a Drobo 5N as a NAS backup destination. It is setup in Retrospect (15.0 Mac). Backing up media sets onto it (its works in a D-D-D setup) has been working fine. However it is occasionally saying it can not find the media set required. When I go and browse the NAS drive it shows the "Retrospect" folder but will not show the contents of it - as if the folder is empty. When I change the name of the top level folder from "Retrospect to, say, "xRetrospect" it shows the contents fine. When I then change back it doesn't. I have worked around this by keep the name changed to "Retrospect Media Sets" but I would like to understand why this is happening. After all thew folder in question was automatically created by Retrospect when I created the first media set on the drive. Thanks, Francis
  10. Hi, I’m testing out 14.5 having been away from Retrospect for a few years. One of the features I’m trying is the Slack integration. I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve installed it as described but getting no Slack messaging. When I go via the terminal I can kick it off using the command sh retroEventHandler “Start ... etc” as described. However I do need to put sh in front to make it work. No sh and no “command found” message in terminal. Is the need for sh indicative of a setup issue and therefore the Restropect Engine is failing to run it (the command instructions doen’t mention sh) or am I being a muppet? Many thanks in advance, Francis +++ Just realised after posting this that I installed file under /User/username/Lbrary ... not at the system level /Library/... . Muppet. +++++
  11. Hi, It may be me but I am finding rules very hard to fathom. What I'm Trying to Do I want to take a monthly backup of the client computers (mixed Macs and Wins) user Documents, Pictures, Movies (i.e just user docs not system ones). What I've Tried Having failed I thought I'd just concentrate on the Macs to work out what is going on. I have tried Folder Mac Path is FolderType. This backups nothing. I could do "contains" which will work but it also backs up other non user docs in deep files. Am I missing something about the rules? I could just make favourites but just feel that it is inelegant. Happy to do if I know I am barking up a wrong tree. Thanks.
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