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  1. Thanks but nothing is working, I am flabbergasted with this, I have tried everything, all those years have been lost because I can't get them back and no one can help me, there is no User Guide for Retrospect 10, and when I call support the automated response is the office is closed, at 12pm on a thursday!? I have googled both those suggestions and there is no answer to the problem. It can't see the archive files or back ups on my hardrive or on the CD or DVD back up disks, what a disaster. When I try it on the CD's it say device no ready.
  2. Hi, I have just purchased the new version of Retrospect 10 as I have a new mac running OSX Mountain Lion and want to have all new programs running on it, I have used retrospect for many years and I find it great, I back up on this each night and that goes into my fireproof safe, as well as on a external hardrive (you can never be too careful!) the great thing is when I have finished with all the artwork files - I can then archive them onto Retrospect and then delete the files from my harddrive and they are easily retrieved again if needed, I can also guarantee my clients that I keep a full copy of their work too. So, the problem is this, I have old catalogs that are from 2003, I have tied rebuilding them with this new retrospect and it says: "Empty catalog file or not a catalogue file", big problem, can anyone let me know what I can do and how to get them all back, I will also need to get it started again from the last daily back up too my 'daily back'. I have the catalog files and also all the cds and DVD's they were backed up to as well. Thanks in advance.
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