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  1. I just upgraded to Retrospect to 5.0 Desktop and upgraded my mac to OS X (10.1.3). The computer I am using to back up all the clients is a PowerPC 8500 with G4/450 MHz upgrade card with an external 80 GB Firewire drive. Prior to upgrading, I was using the same computer in OS 9.1 to do duplicate script backups of two clients flawlessly to an internal 24 GB hard drive. Now, when I try a backup set to file from a OS X client to the firewire drive, Retrospect scans the directory and when it would start backing up when I was doing this in OS 9.1, it now just sits there and does nothing. The screen says "preparing to execute" and does absolutely nothing. I have tried to do a backup set of the client computer by setting the source to the client as well as having the client hard drive mounted locally and both have resulted in the same result. How can I backup clients to the 80 GB hard drive? My preference is a duplicate script but when I try doing a duplicate it scans and starts copying files but shortly thereafter it freezes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, David
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