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  1. Well, when I tried to use it for back-up I got a message stating it had to be configured? Should I just keep pushing through this message and skip the configure process and see if it works? Thanks for your help!
  2. I have tried several times to get this drive configured for back up after letting it work over night it is still not responding according to the force quit window. I have tried both DVD- & DVD+ but neither seems to work. I read on this very forum that it is supported. This is the stock drive in my G5 dual 2.7, I am on 10.4.8. Any help with this would be greaty appreciated as I really need to back up my data. Many thanks in advance! Alan Hayes Memphis,Tn.
  3. Hello and many thanks in advance for any help on this issue! I am trying to reload some client files using immediate restore. Retrospect will not reload them after I've checked them, they have a light blue asterisk out to the left of the file, not sure if that's part of the problem or not. It seems Retrospect thinks there already reloaded because it asks for the proper DDS-3 tape then gives me the message execution complete, but does not load the files. I have tried to find this asterisk symbol in the docs, but have had no luck and don't know exactly what it means? Thanks! Ken Hayes
  4. Okay, I loaded this entire set-up back in my dual 500 ,just to make sure nothing was damaged in the dual1 installation . Everything backs up and restores just fine there . I stripped the extensions down to almost nothing, still no go. I disconnected the other internal Seagate Cheetah from the internal bus ,still no go. The tape drive does not spit the tape out after Retrospect shut down or computer power down. Please can somebody help me I have recording sessions on hold because I can't restore files. Many thanks in advance! Hayes
  5. Hello, I just upgraded my Mac form a dual500G4 to dual1Ghz/G4 and I can't restore or back up files any longer. I used the same ATTO SCSI card(ProUL3) and the same Sony tape drive (SDT-9000 DDS-DC) in the dual 500. But this set up is not working properly in the dual 1. Retrospect Desktop 4.3 recognizes the tape drive okay and asks for the specified tape and when I load the correct tape I briefly get the loading window and the program jumps back to tape busy window. The tape drive makes noise like it is searching for the tape or a location on the tape, but never leaves the busy status . I have done the usual zap P-RAM,no extentions,rebuild desktop, ran Norton,Disk Warrior, but nothing seems to work. If anyone here can help me out with this problem I would sure appreciate it, I need this new Mac to start earning its keep! Hayes
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