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  1. I UNfollowed all sub-forums! I had 800+. My new ISP will be p*ss*d-off too! Cheers
  2. P.P.S.: They're back. Yeh wright! ... and counting! I can't understand why - in 2016 - this user-forum is STILL NOT secure! NUFF SAID! Admin, could you please respond, TIA! Cheers
  3. Hi, GREAT job and thanks for the reply! Cheers
  4. Never got to test Retorspect to the core! ;-(

  5. Hi Wendy, Sorry I could not be of any help! Hope the RS 10.2 GURU's can help you out with your problem! Cheers and have a great TweakEnd!!! Berend
  6. Hi Wendy, Here are some screens for your purpose. Cheers! Addendum:
  7. Hi Wendy, Delete the current server, reboot and add it back again! Worked for me using Retrospect on Mac Pro 3.1 OS X 10.8.4 (12E55) & Apps on iPhone4 and iPad3 [iOS6.1.3] Good Luck and Cheers!
  8. Hi, Could you please share how you your upgrade workflow was? Appreciated! Cheer
  9. Thanks, see my reply in other post! Cheers.
  10. Thanks for your directions iCompute! Awaiting your further feedback & report back on your try!
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply Dave, I get the pop-up the moment I start the RS-application, so 'it is' a RS dialog How can I check that on in my RS-app, MAC or NAS? What do you mean by plain- and modified names? Is showed this screen to explain, that my RS works only when the ds1812.local is mounted! Even with full the ip-adress of my NAS listed instead of the ".local", RS does not work for me. So yes, I'm also a bit confused about the way RS works in this matter. I'll give that a try, as I now only work with back-up on demand. I'll setup an automated daily back-up routine for my MAC_RAID0, not starting the RS-app in OS X and then see what happens. Great suggestion and direction Dave! [edit] added screens, and meanwhile deleted the login afp:mount of the disk "backup" rebooted the MAC-server! Keep you posted about the outcome! Thanks & Cheers.
  12. Thanks for your reply Dave, First thing, I never ignore advice/directions so I tried your routine! When I deleted the start-up item in my admin log-in options I rebooted my Mac. When opening RS, the system gives me the pop-up that the "backup" disk is not available and needs to be mounted to the Mac! In my case, of course not the 'golden standard' the re-mouted backup disk is listed as "backup" and NOT "backup-1" as you can see. [edit: exchanged screendump] Only after putting the start-up option back in my admin log-in auto start-up options, I get the following readings in my network-monitor: "ds1812.local" is perfect, otherwise RS is not able to make back-ups. Perhaps I'm doing something terribly wrong here, but for me it seems to be working flawless! Cheers.
  13. @zer0aster: This might solve your issue (#7): http://forums.retros...10-nas-trouble/ Goodluck and cheers!
  14. Hi Tom, (others) Sorry for my late response! This is my 'automation' for (auto)mounting my Synology NAS to my Mac (the back-up server for all devices) and having no more 'share issues' while using Retrospect 10.1 backup up OS X and Windows 8 devices. Cheers. PS Never mind the last bu-dates, it's an old screendump! ;-)
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