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  1. Ok, I give. Please help me understand what you meant about "decide whether the new hard drive will be a new member or a recycled member of an existing Media/Backup Set, or whether it will be the first member of a new Media/Backup Set." I have 6 Media Sets, and each has a single Member that is recycled when each backup script runs, see previous post. 6 scripts, one for each Media Set. Right now I'm using an early 2008 iMac with a 2.66 Core 2 Duo and 6GB of RAM running 10.8.5 for a proof of concept. If we get everything worked out, then we'll be using our current Mac mini (I do not know the hardware of that one) with 10.6.8. The purpose of my backup schedules is so we can separate each week, and each month. I'm also trying to get an idea of the steps I would need to take in order to include hard drive swapping. You mentioned that I would not need to recreate any of my backup folders, how would I go about doing this? Sorry if this has been covered in previous forum entries, or in the User Guide. Either I'm not looking in the right sections of the guide, I feel as if the some of the documentation is vague. Thanks again.
  2. I use only backup scripts with recycled media in order to separate each week's backup and to save space. I guess I would need to read up on how I would configure a new hard drive as a new or recycled member. Here is my current schedule: Saturday - Full Backup Sunday - Backup Week 2 data to Week 3 folder. Tuesday - Backup Week 1 data to Week 2 folder. Thursday - Backup Full Backup to Week 1 folder. Once a month backup all weeks, and current full backup to monthly folder. Proactive backup backs up to current full backup.
  3. I am fairly new to retrospect, and have been tasked to play with v9; I believe we are using v6 in our production environment. As it stands I have several scripts in place in order for us to keep a months worth of backups in place, with each week separate. Part of our backup regime is to take the backup hard drive to our offsite storage once a month. While I haven't tested the scenario yet, I assume that when I put in a new hard drive, I will have to recreate all of my folders so that Retrospect continues to function accordingly. Does this sound right? Is there any easier way to go about things? Thank in advance.
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