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  1. Retrospect 7.6 Express for Windows Windows 7 home premium iDrive 5.0 for cloud storage Ive tried several of the 'cloud backup' services. Mozy wont support NAS shares. iDrive takes way to long to analyze what needs to be backed up. So I thought id try a hybred approach: Backup strategy: Retrospective Daily backups of the My Documents and other various directories, using separate backup sets to an Iomega Home Media NAS Drive. iDrive Nightly backups of the Retrospect catalog folder as well as the Root Retrospect folder on the NAS Drive (so all the various backup sets get backed up) This way, if my NAS device with the backup sets dies I have the backup sets and catalogs backed up to the “cloud”. Is this a viable strategy? I know people ping pong between backup sets when using tape to eliminate bad media, but with backing up to NAS and then to the cloud, is there any disadvantage in just continuing to only update changed files through progressive backups? The manual and white paper suggest new backup sets every so often, but im not sure the of point.
  2. I was experiencing failures, but it turned out to be long running backups >2hours and my power settings on the PC. I had the power profile set to 'sleep' the pc after an hour. Once I tunred it to NEVER, i havent had any issues
  3. But correct me if im worng: In that scenario, if one were to add a new folder to C, you would have to remember to manually add it in teh backup right? Another scenario: My Documents folder contains two folders that I want to exclude. If I do as you suggest, I have to be vigilant to manually add new subfolders that may be created in My Documents, while if I select the My Documents folder itself new folders automatically get added.
  4. Found this other thread that kind of explains the problem, but im still not sure of a solution. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/23072-starting-retrospect-brings-up-useless-window/ As it turns out, I have been having troubles with very long running backup operations failing with an error writing to the NAS object. I believe this is due o power settings which are set to put the PC to sleep after an hour. This morning again, the error and Retrospect told me there were two scheduled jobs waiting. Following the recommendation fromthe above post, I rebooted and still had the same trouble; Monitor always started. I then noticed activity on the drive and looked in Task Manager for processes against all users. Sure enough, Retrospect.exe was runing the backup job; presumably as system. So I guess I have to wait until its done before i can open the UI? Seems like a bug to me!
  5. Clicking on Retrospect.exe, either from the Start menu or from within Explorer is now always bringing up the Retrospect Monitor (which I have no idea what it does or why I want it). I see a little orange icon that looks like it might represent a power button, so I click that, and another instance of the monitor starts. Seems to me when i first installed this a couple days ago, clicking that started the application. Ive been running Retrospect for 3 days, trying to find the best process for backup, only now I cant start the actual app Retrospect Express 7.6 for windows Windows 7 Home Premium
  6. Thanks, I found when I went into the backupset and used the Media | Recycle option, that deleted the .rdb files and allowed me to delete the folders. Now I have new problem of starting the app grrrrr
  7. I have exactly the same problem. When using the backup Wizard, there is an option to manually select the Folders/Files. But the moment you click on schedule that option is removed and you are presented with a setlist of types of files to backup.
  8. running Express 7.6. Setup a backup set using a NAS disk. ran a few backups as a test and now I want to delete the folder and .rdb files. Windows wont let me as they are 'owned' by Retrospect (well an unknown Unix user.) I went in and clicked delete in backup sets, but that only 'forgot' them. how can I remove them from the NAS disk?
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