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  1. I will also continue to backup using OS 9. Some of the data in my Backup Set is no longer live which means I would have to restore it first so I could then do a complete full backup using OS X. I don't think so! Not only don't I want to have to do a full backup of many GB of data but I have also found a speed issue. I hope Dantz comes up with a workaround real soon!
  2. Right now I'm also rebooting into OS 9 and doing all of my large backups in 9 using 4.3. It takes me 3 times longer if I try to do backup using Retrospect 5 while running OS X.
  3. You are not alone. I'm having the same problem. See an earlier post I made. As of yet I've had no replies. I'm not even doing a network backup. I'm only trying to continue doing incremental backups to a set I started while booted in OS 9. Right now my only work around is to boot OS 9, run the backup and then boot back into OS X. Very annoying!
  4. I have about 42GB of MP3 and movie files on a volume I have backed up under OS 9. When I try to backup the same volume to the same backup set under OS X it trys to backup everything again instead of just the new additions. Is there a way around this?
  5. I'm using a LaCie AIT Firewire Tape Drive. Under OS 9.2.2 running on a MDD 1GHz G4 my preformance (copying and comparing) averages 235 MB/minute using Retrospect 4.3 and DES encryption. On the same G4 booting OS 10.2.1 using Retrospect 5.0.205 the same backup averages a performance of 87.5 MB/minute. As drastic drop in speed.
  6. What happened to this thread? I've been following it for a week or so hoping to get some information as to the fix for this problem. We have 4 of these machines and are holding off putting them into service until the 4.3 client hand issue is resolved.
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