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  1. I am using version RBU 7.7 backing up Exchange Server 2007 and some (no all) mailboxes are not backing up and I am unable to restore the last good back up of the mailbox. Trouble writing files, error -1010 ( API request bad) 1/14/2013 10:20:50 AM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 759 files, 8,613 KB Completed: 17 files, 192 KB Performance: 0.5 MB/minute Duration: 00:00:25 (00:00:04 idle/loading/preparing)
  2. Having issues backing up with Retrospect 7.7.620 Exchange Server 2007 7.7.620 on several mailboxes. Not all mailboxes just a few important ones. I must get this corrected asap... Any fix to this issue? PLEASE HELP!!!