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  1. Hello, My backup process often hangs up, asking me for a tape that is already in the head. I have to move the tape to an empty space and place it again in the head. If I choose the option "ignore this tape, start the next one", I get the same problem with the next one!! Any clue how to solve this? Thanks, Retrospect version : 7.7.620 64bits windows server 2008 R2
  2. Maybe it's connected to the fact I am trying to make backup of a pretty large amount of data (20 TB) at once. Would it be a problem/too big for Retrospect? The RAM used by retrospect in that case is 4GB out of 8GB.
  3. Restatrting the tape library solved the problem. It is surprising, as the web interface of tape library was not showing any problem. Thanks
  4. Hello, We are using retrospect multiserver 7 on Windows since 2 years and afaik it always has being able to recognize and manage our tape library, (hp storageworks msl4048). This tape library has 2 read/write heads and 48 tapes of library. But today the display is only showing 1 head and not any library! I tried to restart retrospect and the server, but they are still missing. I don't think our licences would have expired ; no messages in retrospect saying so. Any clue? Thanks,
  5. Whether Isilon has or not a big market share, the point is that the windows Retrospect software cannot backup any symlinks if your data are on a NAS where you cannot install the linux client (I guess most of the NAS won't permit it)
  6. Good points! that's actually the 2 turn-around that we have found and using so far make a list or have all the backable data in one place ; we are currently using the first, as I want to still have the possibility to save and restore symlinks, because ther are always cases when it will be requiered ; so it means: list the shortcuts, remove them, backup, ...., restaure, restaure links Still not the more convenient and still error prone.
  7. Hi Mastercam, Our NAS is from the brand Isilon, one of the main NAS world provider, if not the first (http://www.isilon.com/press-release/leading-analyst-firm-names-emc-1-network-attachedunified-storage-revenue-market-share-). So far Retrospect appears to be uncompatible with it (unable to backup any symlink). I am trying to find a workaround to that matter (maybe using intermediary computers), and ended up is that other matter, that isilon cannot access the volumes mounted, neither on mac nor on linux (not custom OS). mauricev suggested to install the client directly on the NAS, but unfortunately this is not an option, as I cannot take the risk to corrupt the system without having support or test.
  8. Hi, We bought a licence of Retrospect Professional with support and are facing a blocking matter on our backup strategy. I spent a *huge* amount of time describing our problem in several emails/tickets/phone calls, and tested a lot of possibilities myself. It's been more than 3 weeks. So far no technical person had a look at our problem, I only got replies like "As far as I can assume to understand it seem no solution for your issue" ; no explanation why, which option we have, nor real answer to my long explanations of the problem... The only few response I got are from people on this forum. It's not a serious support. I would not recommand Retrospect to our CTOs/CFOs, and partners for 2 reasons: - unreliable support - so far, retrospect cannot backup our data
  9. As I was expecting, Isilon is not supporting external software: "Hi Benjamin, After doing dome research, I found that we don't support installing any software on our cluster. It can be installed as you mentioned since its a FreeBSD, however, OneFS is a customised version of the FreeBSD and Retrospect has not been tested on OneFS, hence we do not support installing it on Isilon." I cannot take the risk to corrupt the system without having support or test
  10. Hello, thanks for you answer. Of course if retrospect was handling nfs directly that would be great, but as you highlighted it is not handling it. I am actually looking for a workaround to reach those nfs-shared files. My idea is to mount those share manually outside of retrospect, and try to reach them in Retrospect as normal files of that backup computer. Probably the problem of not reaching those mounted share in retrospect is not connected to NFS, as I have the same problem with SMB.
  11. Thanks Maurice for this valuable trail. I have root access on the NAS but cannot install packages without refering to the NAS support if I want to keep the support working, and I have little hope they accept/help me to do so. Lets see!
  12. Hello, I want to access files that are on a mounted volume (mounted via nfs, but the problem same appears with smb). Retrospect does not show any of the volumes I mounted locally! I don't think the problem to be about rights, as I launch Retrospect as root. This is blocking as I need to reach those nfs shares to backup them (I cannot share them with smb) Any clue? Thanks
  13. I am now trying with the trial version of the Mac server and see that the problem exists also for main software also (not just the client): it cannot acces any mounted directory. In this case I was expecting to reach the NFS volume on retrospect, but even on mac retrospect does not have the nfs support. Hence I mounted the nfs volume locally, but cannot access it from retrospect. The same (done for testing) with a SMB volume mounted locally.
  14. Thanks Lennart and Maurice for your answers. @Maurice: our data on the NAS are also used with some linux volumes and we are heavily using Unix symbolic links, several of them pointing to huge files. However CIFS does not show symbolic links as such, but as regular files, hence preventing us to backup them. The only to ways I see to backup such links are either to install the linux client on a machine that can understand those links, or to install retrospect on a mac (not 100% sure on this actually) @Lennart: On the mac I also mounted manually volumes on other locations, e.g. /some_folder/my_mounted_volumes/a_volume_shared_by_nfs. Thanks to the "pseudo volumes" button (hopefully same name in English than in French!) I can parse and select a specific place, everything appears *execpt* my "a_volume_shared_by_nfs" (or any volume-mounted-location). Isilon sells it's own backup solutions, and maybe they would give support to install the Retrospect Client, but the isilon NAS is a FreeBSD, and there is no client for such distribution (as far as I know). Do you have any clue why I cannot access those mounted volumes ? Thanks
  15. Also the linux or mac clients are launched as root, and the mounted volumes are also accessible for any other user on the mac
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