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  1. With this Drive... Did LaCie sold us a wrong copy of Retrospect???
  2. Thanks... My system has Firewire Support 2.6 (not 2.8.4) Retrospect only installs this: -Retrospect SDAP Support 1.1.7 (not 1.2) -Retrospect FireWire Support 1.1.2 - It DOESN'T install LaCie FireWire Support 6.4.5f1 Where can I get these extensions??
  3. - OS 9.0.4 on an iMac with FireWire port (Firewire version 2.6) - Using Retrospect 4.3C (OEM Version) with RDU 2.5.101. The RDU is loaded properly at startup If I connect the device to the USB port, I see it in the Apple System Profiler. I can't see it if I connect it to the FireWire port. Do I need a firewire extension for this device? I've tried the device in another computer, with OS 9.2.1, connected via USB port. I see the device in the Apple System Profiler ("LaCie StudioDrive USB2", driver name: "USBMassStorageDriver"), but I can't see it in Retrospect...
  4. If I connect the drive to the Firewire port, I don't see it in System Profile; I only see it if I connect it to the USB port. But (via USB port) Retrospect can't see the Drive :-(
  5. I have a LaCie AIT1 U&I + with a OEM copy of Retrospect Desktop, but it isn't recognized. Why?
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