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  1. I accidentally backed up files that shouldn't have gone onto a certain media set. Would there be a way to delete these files off the LTO and Retrospects catalog?
  2. I haven't seen it revert back to All Files. In the Backup Summary (right before I Start Now) it has always said: Select files and folders based on the following rule: Manual file selection. I use this method because there is files from different projects on the same drive and I want them to remain on separate Media Sets. The operation log for this particular Media Set is giving an inaccurate file size. However, previous back ups are correct. Every time I back up I check the Restore Assistant to make sure that all files/folders were backed up and that the file size matches. Since I have experienced this issue before. If I go to the Media Set in question and look at previous backups, it does show a log for backing up that day. However, 0 files were backed up. I'm leaving the search criteria blank, so that I can view all files/folders within the media set. Even if I restore through Restore Entire Source Volume or Restore Selected Files, they both show that the files haven't been backed up.
  3. I'm selecting "Search for files in selected media sets" restore. When I'm in the Select Sources window, I select the source and then click browse. I select the folders/files that I want to back up. When I return to the Select Sources window, under "What type of files do you want to back up?" has automatically changed from All Files to Manual file selection.
  4. Here is a screen shot of just one of the folders that I'm attempting to backup. The backup was performed yesterday. I have the restore assist open and the finder window showing the original files. Restore assist shows that the folder is 6kb, and the finder window shows that same folder to be 31GB. There are no files present in the folder. I do not use any rules when I backup. I only do manual file selection. I have encountered this problem before and my only workaround was to restore the entire media set, delete the LTO tape and backup the files all together. It was acceptable when it was only one tape. However, this is 6TB of media spanned across 5 tapes. I cannot afford to rebuild entire media sets for 200GB of media that won't backup.
  5. I'm doing a manual file backup through Retrospect 10.5.0. I select the files and folders that I want to back up. When Retrospect starts backing up, it immediately stops claiming there was only 1 file to back up that is 6kb. There is actually 200GB to back up to LTO. Going through the Restore Assistant I can see that Retrospect has the folders and the .DS_Store files, but hasn't backed up any other files.
  6. Yesterday I backed up a folder and when I checked the folder structure I noticed several folders missing in Retrospect 9.0.2. It was missing 320GB of media. I did a backup again, using manual file selection I selected the missing folders. When I clicked start it went through it quickly and didn't backup anything. I then went into disk utility and verified the hard drive. I also put the folders in a new folder and tried that. Neither of these worked. I attached a picture of the missing folders.
  7. I have done it several ways. By doing it as I stated earlier, within the backup assistant (Select Media Sets), and when Retrospect asks for a new tape. I always get "this is already in use by another media set."
  8. I cannot successfully add another member to a media set. I select the media set, click members, and click the + button. It adds the LTO tape to the media set, however it doesn't update the space available. The tape is brand new, fresh out of the case. Percentage used is still in red after I add the member. When I go to do a back up it requests more media. When I select the tape under choose media, which has the correct header, it states that the media is already in use by another media set. I have tried 4 brand new tapes and this has happened to each one. OSX 10.7.4 2.4 Quad core, 6GB RAM Retrospect 9.0.2 Quantum ULTRIUM5, TC L52BN connected via ATTO SCSI
  9. My mistake, it is Retrospect 9. I created a test workspace called zfks, and I have tried to add it in the Share window using the following: smb://zfks/ (also tried: smb://zfks/share, afp://zkfs/) I entered the username/password that I created for the user in ISIS management and also tried guest. None of that worked.
  10. My company purchased an LTO drive and Retrospect 8 for Mac. We need to backup our media directly from the ISIS drives. The drives mount properly using the ISIS client software, after that they can be accessed in Avid, Finder, and other applications. However, in Retrospect they don't show up anywhere. I do have access to the local drives, but they don't have enough space to copy media from the ISIS. I'd appreciate any help, Thanks! I have the following configuration: 2x 2.4 Quad core Xeon 6GB RAM 10.7.4 MC 6.0.3 ISIS client 4.0 ISIS 5200 Quantum ULTRIUM 5 Rev 3180 ATTO expressSAS 650 Retrospect 8 for Mac
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