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  1. Sony SDX 300C version 0700 Terminator not it.... SCSI card may be it... had to update it to update to Medea drives w/ G4 so, if that's it, do I put old card in empty slot?...I'll try If its my computer...that's a little general....this tape drive has been successfully used on another computer... with the same software
  2. Recently upgraded to G4 but still using Mac OS 9. Installed 4.3 and ADK and Updater. Tried more than one cable, more than one tape drive...tried running with my ATTO external drives and tried tape drive connected directly to computer. Tried intalling and uninstalling. The problem: retrospect launches fine...can see the device, but says "busy" or "no media" or "not responding." When tape drive looped off my external drives...it sees them but says "unrecongnized content." What am I missing?
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