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  1. Thanks Cygnis. Just prior to your reply I turned off my Firewall software for a while, saved the "Retro_Emergency_Recovery_CD-EN.exe" file to My Documents, executed it, and noticed that it extracted a file called "Emergency Recovery CD - EN.iso" to a subfolder called "Retrospect Recovery CD" within My Documents. I was then able to burn this *.iso image to my CD. This is the first time I was able to see the image file on my computer. I'm not sure if it was because I saved the .exe file to my computer or turned off the Firewall software. In any case, I now have the image on a CD. Thanks for your reply. It was very helpful.
  2. Hi, I just purchased the online Upgrade Restrospect 7.7 for Windows. I have attempted several downloads of the Emergency Recovery CD image (.iso) from the Retrospect website but am unable to find the image file on my hard drive (C:) in order to burn the image to a CD. In what folder should I be able to find this image file? stoneda PS. I have read the addendum document and it is of no help.
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