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  1. actually, they apparently fixed in in v10...a paid upgrade. brilliant.
  2. Sleep behavior changed in OS X 10.8 and it appears to be affecting Retrospect 9 during backups. " In Mountain Lion, OS X no longer pays attention to disk activity when deciding if it's OK to put the system to sleep. Instead, Apple recommends that applications make what Apple calls "power assertions" as a way to tell the OS when they're doing some useful work that the system should stay awake for. This policy allows the OS to put the system to sleep the moment there are no applications still holding power assertions to prevent the action." http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/07/os-x-10-8/18/ I noticed backups that would normally take 2 hours still processing after 7 hours (transfer rates had slowed to a few MB/sec.) Using the Caffeine app would allow the backup to complete normally, as it did in Lion and earlier. It would appear that many apps will have to be updated to account for this new energy-saving protocol with Retrospect 9 being one them. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
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