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  1. Hi Mr T Thanks that answers everything I needed. V much appreciated! You are right in your comment: for Retrospect to drop those features seems crazy and - obviously - is something I wouldn't have expected. Here's to hoping for some changes :-) C
  2. Hi all This is probably the dumbest, most basic question of all time...but this driving me up the wall. Coming from R6, I'm used to being able to do easy multiple criteria searches of archive data prior to restores. In the current case I want to execute the following 'search and restore': I want to find and restore only the ".jpg" files that I archived in any folders that ended in "11-11" (ie: any jpegs that I archived in the month of November 2011). Using the Search For Files & Folders To Restore option in R9, I'd have expected to build a search as follows: Find files and folders where ALL of the following are true: Folder > Name > Ends With > 11-11 File > Name > Ends With > .jpg My problem? For the love of little green apples I can't get the ALL option to stick: it keeps resetting to ANY. Any suggestions? Also - and pushing the boat out further - is there anyway of displaying a figure for the number of files that are about to be restored? Again, R6 used to do this.... All help appreciated. C PS: Amy using R9.0.2 on a 10.6.8 XServe with a 16-slot Quantum Tape Library
  3. Hi Tim Thanks for that will give it a go tomorrow and see what happens. RE: your comment: yes: Retrospect 6.1 was a lot easier to use in that regard. It's a shame R9 doesn't have an easy 'exclude' option. Thanks for the tip C
  4. For the life of me I can't figure out how to exclude certain file types (in my case, specifically, .DS_Store files) from restores from a tape media set. Any suggestions / solutions? I'm using Retrospect 9.0.2 Mac on Mac OSX Server 10.6.8 Cheers C
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