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  1. If I run a script on a newly created media set it runs fine. When I go to run a second script to that same set? "Needs media". I've confirmed this four times. Any ideas?
  2. Hi- Can Retrospect 10 read and restore from Retrospect 6 tapes? Thanks, Scott
  3. Nothing seems to have changed. I've tried making another tape media set and same result. I thought it says in the instructions that you have to add one member to the set and it will take it from there. Regardless, I've tried running the script without adding a member with same result. I erased the new tapes I inserted and what's also happened is it will name some Untitled and others it will list the barcode twice. I don't know what's up with that either. Should I get in touch with Retrospect support?
  4. Thank you for responding: 1. 9.0.2 2. Don't know how to find this 3. 10.5.8 4. Apple RAID card, 2 1TB drives in Raid 1, Apple Fiber card, ADIC Scalar i2000 tape drive, 2x6 core 2.4 GHz Mac Pro with 12GB RAM 5. Make tape media set, name it, try to add member. Make copy media set utility script. The media set shows up as an option to choose but with no member added it will not run 6. Basically I cannot add a member. The process starts in Activities but finishes and no member is added. A few times it has named the tape correctly but it does not show as added in the members tab of the media set. In that case, I have tried to run the script but it says "Needs media". Let me know if you need any more information. I will say that this process has worked in the past as I have other tape media sets that ran correctly so this is new.
  5. I have a copy media set tape media set and it will not add a new member. I've tried dozens of times using dozens of different tapes. The tapes are erased and nothing happens. Any ideas what's going on?
  6. Hi- I have a Copy Backup script I made to tape that won't automatically skip to new media. I made an original member that labelled the tape correctly but now that that tape is full it's asking for media. There are blank, erased tapes in the library. Ive made this same script before with no issues. What am I missing this time? Thanks.
  7. Oh, no, they are still there. I havent had a second to reboot yet. Will soon and report back.
  8. Im not sure what you mean by "offline". All the disks are connected and operational. There are indeed multiple backups per media set as I can see the backups that have been created, its just the retrieve button is greyed out and I havnt retrieved any backups from these sets. What's weird also is there is a set that is running backups now that the button is NOT greyed out for, it's just the ones that are doing nothing at the moment. Perhaps a restart?
  9. Now something else is going on. On some of the discs the "retrieve" is greyed out but not on others. Why would this be so? Thanks.
  10. Oh! I thought you had to choose the backup you see and then hit restore from that backup. Thanks! And yes, I forgot about the hardware compression. That explains it. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, I have a disk to disk to tape setup and I'm noticing a few strange things. When I look in the backups tab under media sets for that media sets it seems to only show the last backup that was made, not the previous ones. Im actually guessing at this because I don't see multiple backups in there for the sources. What is happening here? I really need to be able to pull from any backup that was made, not just the last one. Also, when I dump to tape I noticed that only half the data that was on the disk media set was copied over even though I chose the type Copy Backup and the option to copy all backups. There is definitely a discrepancy between the data on the disk and then what is copied to tape. Am I using the wrong script? The version of Retrospect is 9. Thanks.
  12. Retrospect WAS shut down when the tapes were ejected, they just werent ejected by Retrospect but through the tape drives console. Will that cause this error?
  13. Thanks. If this happens again Ill try that in that order. I, unfortunately, had to bite the bullet and erase the mislabelled tapes just to get backups running again. I did do all those steps but perhaps not in the right way. Is my suspicion true that Retrospect "remembers" where the tapes of a set are and if you eject those tapes by another means and don't put the tapes back in the exact same slots, Retrospect will get confused? Just curious because that was my theory.
  14. It's a Quantum Scaler i6000 with 148 slots, 18 of which are assigned to Retrospect. It's an Apple Fiber Channel card linked to a QLogic controller. Thanks.
  15. Thank you. Have already tried those things with no effect. Here's the specs you asked for: 1.8 GHz G5 6GB RAM 2x750GB HD Mirrored OS 10.5.8 Retrospect version 6.1.230 RDU:
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