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  1. I can't add a new media member (LTO tape) to a new media set. I get "an error occurred'. I also can't erase the tape. I want to re-use the tape as it belongs to another media set, but I can't find to which media set is belongs. Also Retrospect doesn't say so. How can I re-use the tape?
  2. What I do is: 1) Delete the old media set 2) Create a new media set and add the tape as a member, the tape will be erased
  3. Thanks Lennart! Basically I store one backup on a HDD disk and from this I write to LTO, so I have one copy on HDD and one on LTO. I'm working with 2k footage now, so having backups in 2 HDD disks is too pricey. If I can use LTO at the price of $20 per tape min and put it in a safe meanwhile, and reuse the tapes after the project this would be perfect. Rob
  4. Hello, I need some advices regarding my dailies workflow. Every week or so I receive video footage from the director and I need to make an extra back-up of this footage, while the overall filming has not been completed. Fast and cheap, durable. After the entire project has been completed I can remove and re-use the LTO backup for the next project. I already have an LTO5 setup and use Retrospect 9 w/ Tandberg HH on a Mac Pro v2013. Questions: 1) I incidentally need to access the LTO5 tape, but hopefully not too much, in case data is lost. I also want to re-use the LTO5 tape after the project has been completed. Is it better to use an HDD (easier access) in this scenario or LTO5 (faster/bit cheaper/smaller -> can put it in a safe). I don't need long-term storage. Only for the duration of the project. 2) Normally I don't use verification at all after the LTO5 has been written to and completed, to save time. Is it recommended to use verification of the LTO5 backup w/ Retrospect or does it verify and write data at the same time w/ Retrospect? What is the error ratio if not verified? 3) Does it matter if I use $20 LTO5 tapes (Imation/HP..) or $50 LTO5 tapes? 4) Does the LTO5 tape withstand freezing temperatures or heat (down to -10 Celsius / up to 35 Celsius) if I want to store the tape for eg in my outdoor barn to spread backups? Many thanks! Rob
  5. I've tried a selected folder restore from LTO5 to ext. harddrive with Retrospect 9 on Mac. The folder is restored, however the permissions of the ext. harddrive have changed thus I can not copy content to the external harddrive after the restore. I only can copy content to the restored folder on that external harddrive. I also can't change the read/write permission through "get info", only after I reformatted the drive it is possible to copy contents to it. Also, I can not move the restored folder to the trash bin, it just says on the ext. harddrive. Why is this? Does this always happen or is it random? Rob
  6. It really took long (hours) so I finally had to abrupt the process, I just wanted to test if my LTO tapes I recently wrote to are OK. How sure can I be that if the writing process was completely successfully that the LTO backups are OK? Also I did something really stupid, I wanted to restore the files on another partition on the Mac but it deleted the entire partition so it took me half a day to reinstall the (main) partition.
  7. When trying to restore partially with Restore Assistant on Retrospect 9 first thing that happens is that I get the Mac-beach ball, after waiting for 10mins the restore script start but nothing (still) happens... is it normal it takes this long?
  8. Would it be possible, to save time, to manually stop the rebuild after 5 - 10 minutes so that in restore assistant you will see the master directories again, select them and restore what's inside? Or should I really restore the last tape (I did check fast rebuild) completely? I tried it myself after stopping but now the restore script 'needs media' so guess it doesn't work like this and I have to restore at 3GB/m? Rob
  9. Ok great, thank you, learnt the hard way ..from now on I will backup my rbc files.
  10. I'm missing a few past backups and mediasets, but how can I restore from these backups from LTO-5 tapes?
  11. Yes, that's exactly what we're doing, Retrospect for tape archives and keeping a copy on a hard drive.
  12. Hi Lennart, Thank you, I was just wondering if in case our company needs to restore in for say 5-10 years time vs the Retrospect roadmap? Rob
  13. Hi, I've been able to write to LTO-5 with Retrospect on a Mac OSX w/ 10.6.8 - I was wondering, future-wise, would anyone be able to restore the files from the LTO-5 tape which was written to with Retrospect with other software than Retrospect? All the best, Rob
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