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  1. Obviously my understanding of backups is fairly vague, and though I have used Retrospect for years, I have never really understood how it works all that well. So I appreciate this information. This leaves me with one further question. My external drive is much larger than my HD, so space is not an issue. Would it be possible for me to have both a duplicate and a backup of my HD on the one external drive? One so I could boot up from it if need be, and one for the incremental backups? I know that I cannot boot up from that drive right now. It now contains the HD backup and catalog that resulted from following the above instructions yet doesn't appear in the choices of startup disks. If that is not possible, perhaps I should just go ahead and install the OS on that drive and just have the backup be the only "file."
  2. So you are saying that I do not choose the "volume" itself as a destination? The manual is very unclear about that; I have read it till I'm crazy. My external drive does indeed show in the devices list, but there is no way to actually select it as the destination. But that's not what the manual implies. Now the external drive is empty, no files, no operating system. So, will backing up this way (using File) actually create a bootable back up?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I wound up starting from scratch and deleting the full backup that had wound up on my HD. But I was unable to do the backup to the external drive. I think the first time I chose FILE as the destination. Am I supposed to choose REMOVABLE DISK? I don't think Retrospect is able to see the external drive mounted on my desktop, however. It is there and on, but Retrospect is not scanning it. Any further advice?
  4. I have Retrospect 6.1.126 and am using Tiger 4.5 on a G4. I can't get Retrospect to do either an incremental or recycle backup to my external drive. I either get the message that the "execution is incomplete" (no real reason) or not enough disk space (but has should be--it's 300 GB and my whole home drive is only 80 GB with only 55 used). One strange thing I noticed the other day was that among the catalogs in the Retrospect folder, there was what looked like an actual full backup of my HD in my home folder (it is 28 GB). I moved it to the trash because it did not have the .cat after it and thought it was some kind of mistake. I followed the manual directions when setting this up, making sure my source disk was my HD and the destination disk was the external drive. I can't find a way to check that now to be absolustely sure. I am clueless as to what is happening. Any advice would be so much appreciated. Hazel CALF@swbell.net
  5. Thanks. What I normally do is normal backups until I have exhausted th capacity of 5 DVD-RWs; then I do a recycle backup. I used to do two copies, but now that I have an external ABS drive as well, I use Retrospect as a backup to my backup as it was giving me such grief with my DVD-RWs. My version is 5.0.238. You say there is a 5.1? I was just wondering what I would gain from upgrading to 6.
  6. Well, that didn't even occur to me, but I suppose that would work. I meant to mention that even though I am not using RE 6, I am using OS10.2.8. Is there any reason in particular to upgrade?
  7. I was in the middle of doing a recycle backup that had taken the whole day. I was on the 3rd and last (I think) DVD when there was a power outage. I verified all members in the backup set to be fine. But I could not figure out how to simply pick up where it had left off. So I am having to spend another whole day redoing this backup. Is it possible to just continue after having it stop like that?
  8. What's your definition of "removable disk"? A DVD is removable and it's a disk? I'm using DVD-RWs. Can I still do manual backups, then?
  9. Is RE then not functional right now? Can I at least do manual backups?
  10. I'm having a problem installing the Client for Jaguar. In trying to follow the instructions, I am looking for an On-Off button in a status area, but the only Status tab I find has only a description and no button. And also no way of starting Jaguar! It says "waiting for first entry" or something like that. Moreover, there is nothing in my RE 5.0.205 folder with the title "client" in it in the firtst place, so even though I tried to follow the instructions in the Read Me, they are just "instructive" enough for me to know what I need to do. I tried installing the upgrade anyway in hopes of finding it later but to no avail. At this point, I do not know how to proceed. Please help.
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