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    Retrospect hangs

    Hello forum, I rebooted the server yesterday night and today I'm experiencing the very same problem. I'll try rebuilding catalog form the archives and see what happens. Bye Alberto
  2. Bittone

    Retrospect hangs

    Dear Lennart, unfortunately I cannot restart the sever right now, it's our Domain Controller, File server and primary DNS server. For your information I rebooted the server only a week ago to perform the upgrade to ESXi 5.0, but the problem was much older, now it's worsening I can no longer perform any backup ( awhile ago it used to happen once every two week, more or less). Thanks for your patience Alberto
  3. Bittone

    Retrospect hangs

    Hi Lennart, the console show nothing, just that the script is running. The progress bar is totally white (no progress) . In the activity log I juts get the message that retrospect was started with the administrator account. Today it's the third day without backup, and always the very same behavior . Thanks for your kind attention. Alberto
  4. Hello all, I have a windows server 2008 standard running as an ESXi VM with Retrospect used to backup the clients of a small net (15 pcs). Retrospect is 7.7.620 single server edition. My problem is that often the backup script begins execution and then hangs (for hours) doing nothing but consuming cpu, no backup is performed. I already tried rebuilding the catalog and checking media files (a remote share on a nas) with no effect. I use the Administrator account to run the backup process. The sever uses Tren Micro Worry Free as antivirus. Any clue? Thanks for your kind attention Alberto