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  1. The work around is to turn UEFI off on the motherboard. Did this on the above machine. Repeated procedure with Win 8.1 and it worked. The UEFI issue needs further work, however because on computers off the shelf such as HP which have recovery partitions, UEFI is on by default. Retrospect won't work out of the box with these machines. Will this be resolved Robin?
  2. No more UEFI errors on backup but.... I tried to do a restore on a HP desktop the other day which is configured UEFI. Totally trashed the operating system. Tried both in place and disaster recovery disk methods. It has issues replacing the boot / registry information. I wondered whether the problem might be related to the HP having a recovery partition. The hard disk is also 2tb, so not sure whether GPT or not. Op sys = windows 8. So to test a more conventional system, I built a brand new UEFI windows 8 machine. Loaded windows 8.1 and office 2013 and retrospect Backed up the system to a removable 3tb hard disk. Uninstalled office then did a complete restore to bring office back. Result, computer unbootable. It went straight to repair mode and finally concluded that the system could not be repaired. Whilst it is great that 9.5 now backs up without errors, it's a bit pointless if it can't restore. What am I doing wrong??
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