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  1. Thanks for the information, David. I have a pretty simple setup, backing up my own iMac and occasionally my second laptop or my wife's MacBook Pro. Knowing that the media set format is the same, is a great relief, but what about the catalog files? Will they need to be converted or rebuilt?
  2. I use Retrospect to backup one Mac where the client is installed to another where the Engine is installed. Typically, the Mac running the Engine is sleeping. In this case, I noticed in Activity monitor on the client that retroclient is sending ~20 and receiving ~20 packets every two seconds, adding up to over 120MB being sent...nowhere! Is this normal? And who is sending packets back?
  3. For quite some time that page has contained the row: Product name -- Manufacturers -- Interfaces -- Media Types -- Mac Panasonic SW-5582 -- Panasonic -- ATAPI -- Blu-ray -- In Process I'd love to know a little more about "In process"
  4. Archival, I want something that will last years, won't get damaged if lightning strikes, and isn't directly subject to mechanical failure.
  5. Is anyone successfully using the Panasonic SW-5582 or other Blu-ray drives for Retrospect?
  6. Interesting. I had R9 fully updated and then upgraded OS X from Lion to Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and it all worked fine. Later when I upgraded to 8.2, the engine wouldn't see optical drives. I looked at the .ini file and optical support was still enabled (=0). I disabled it, started the engine and then stopped it. I re-enabled optical support, started the engine again, and it's verifying a backup as I type.
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