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  1. On last 3 days I have to reboot my Tape Drive/Library 3 times, while the connectivity to server was lost. I think it's the FC controller, could be? I checked the cables (not substitute them). Can I do that hot? Or should I shut down library and server and do that? TY
  2. for sure! I'm using LTO-4 and getting about 3GB/m in some backups
  3. i'll try now... (jus for record: incorrect scsiServiceResponse 0x701fa630, scsiStatus 0x701fa630 on log)
  4. but still doesnt appear on retro server console... now what?
  5. still doesnt show on retro, besides scanning complete on tape library... dont know what to do
  6. Well I went the office and saw an exclamation mark on the tape library. (not good) Power down about 1min now is scanning tapes... i'm waiting
  7. Hum.. But I can see one tape in the loading slot. Weird. I'm getting to the Tandberg web tool to get Logs, resetting etc. When you say power down, its the Tape Library? I rebooted the mac os x server with the retro server
  8. Tonight my retro did a warning that need media when I tried to find doesnt show any library. Already restart the server. Please help
  9. Is it possible to exclude some file/folders on retro9? I want to exclude mdf and ldf from sql that (normally) generate errors. Or should I install the SQL feature on Client?
  10. Is there a way to export all running scripts to a human readable format, so I can explain CEO/CTO was is going on? TY
  11. Scanning incomplete, error 24 ( unknown) That could be a problem? This is a critical machine, dont want to take any risks...
  12. Well, sincerelly for not loosing the backup, I make another (temp). While uing the temp,then I recycle old
  13. I have marked this tape as lost a few time ago. Could be this?
  14. ??? Nobody has access then me to this server... weird
  15. I got this error yesterday after force thorough verification "9/19/12 8:41:32 PM: Comparing BackupSQLServer2008R2 on ByDev Reported missing by user: "2-WYSytems""
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