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  1. I'm getting on optimal conditions speeds about 2.6-3 GB/m on LTO4 tapes. I Will need to restore some stuff and time is critical, need to know if there is any comparision on read speeds. TY
  2. My suggestion (that's working on my systems): create a media set with one tape more than the space you think it occupy; run scripts with sufficient time distance for them not become waiting, ex (script 1 10pm, runs for 1h (including snapshot), script 2 12am next day) Thats my 2 cents
  3. "You should own the service/servers/storage yourself" LOL
  4. Can someome show-me a presentation or a good description how smart incremental backups works (under or not) retrospect. TY
  5. Spaces on Unix based systems causes a lot of problems everywhere (files, folders, etc)
  6. So, i mark it as lost, erase it and then could I use it again? Btw I need guidance in grooming. What are the benefits? How should I use it?
  7. But i'm sure that the tape is ok (sometimes happens this with some tapes). This is a brand new tape, as the others. BTW I think the error came from the drive.
  8. After error in retro (bad media, dirty heads, etc...) The bkp continued, "eating" a new tape. That's ok by me because I now always have an extra tape on every media set. The trouble is now on further bkps, the tape that generated the error isn't used anymore, and has free space on it. The new one keeps growing, but I think retro doesn't even try to write to that one that generated the error. This media set has 4 plenty new LTO4 Tapes. Any help?
  9. No I don't want to change the contents... I just want to change the label (we use bar code and proprietary codes for organizational purposes). So, if I change the label it will be reconigzed by the media set?
  10. Is it possible? I had to add a free tape, and now for organizational purposes i want to change the label... TY
  11. Happend again! now what? Last time i have done a new (temporary) Media set and ran parallel backups until everything went ok. But now I dont have slot tapes available. Hummmm BTW i had a reported drive error same day. Could be this?
  12. The barcode belonged to an old media set (that I supposed erased). Changed the code and worked fine. My bug!
  13. I changed the barcode to another, but it keeps me putting old barcode? What can I do? And the backup fails because keeps asking for media...
  14. I'm adding a new tape to a media set. The trouble is that the old barcode still remains on tape even after a quick and a full erase of the tape. Now what?
  15. Is it possible to restart retro engine without restarting the server where is installed? TY
  16. BTW we have ASM Contract and my version is 9.0.2 (no upgrades available) Hummm
  17. May I try the new version and then if I need (dont want to buy) make a downgrade? What do you think about version 10? TY
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