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  1. Ok. I'm considering using a M Converter from FC (from the server) to thunderbolt (to the disks). I just saw this: http://www.promisewo...com/SANLink.asp but i'm not sure if it does opposite way. TY
  2. so, im considering several solutions: - 1 Big NAS (yes with Raid5 minimum 5 drives) - Synology/Lacie/Promise - If Local: . Now we are using FC (Tandberg is 2Gbps) and disk are 4Gbps . I'm thinking if we can install retro on a new server that supports Thunderbolt (Dont want USB nor FW800) and backup from here, but all other disks to backup are LAN Gigabit connected, so... In my accounts we are using about 15-20TB
  3. And any good NAS (and cheap/reliable) solution?
  4. As I said before: You are the man! My LTO Tape drive/Library is under maintenance. That's the next step :-)
  5. Hi there, I need to change my backup/storage solution. We are using Tandberg with LTO3/4 tapes for daily backups. I'm considering changing to NAS daily & weekly LTO. What do you suggest? TY
  6. Found it: Files are more than one... and: - Don't add duplicate files to Media Set - Checked; - Match Only files in same location/path - Unchecked; So this is why they arent copied->restored. IMHO this option shouldn't be the default.
  7. Hi, I did a restore from a backup that not included all files. Scenario Backup day b day, and when I navigate through this, I cant see all files and see them on original disk!! I'm freighted! Any helps?
  8. That happens also on Retro 9. Can I use the same solution?
  9. I'm sure I did that. Not my first time. It frees all members, and then I have to manually add members... humm
  10. Yes, I had to add members to media set manually (it said that will erase all contents) but that hasn't true.
  11. Hi! Strange thing. I recycled a media set, but when I start the backup with some favorite folders, it says "no files needs to be copied". I Think the recycle doesn't erase all stuff, right? I tested and make a restore (all ok) but how retro manages the space? What happens to old data that I don'n need/want and old data that I need,/want?
  12. Very well! Thank you all, I'm informed and restful :-)
  13. The snapshot built after the backup is located at the server or at the tape/media?
  14. Lennart IMHO you usually work harder than retro support...
  15. I'm sorry but that doesn't help me since 1 year ago. When this Sh** happens I usually recycle a new media set and start over
  16. I was intend to make a full restore... if you know what I mean ;-)
  17. well: I Made a 1rst backup to a media set, saw the size under the log. Get info from the folder under de OS, and they just doesn't match. When I did a restore the size was the size of the stuff backed up.
  18. Not the file itself. I'm talking about all backup/restore
  19. comparing essentially images (tiff, jpeg, etc). No errors no warnings.
  20. You mentioned this and today I made a restore that didn't match source vs destination sizes. Can be this?
  21. We use disk-to-disk-to-tape! But I have seen speeds of reading from tape writing do disk about 5GB/m today. I have never passed 3GB on reverse way.
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