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  1. Does version 9 of retrospect works with last mac os X Server (mavericks server)?
  2. Is it possible to edit rules? My goal is to remove another folder from the source script.
  3. So I'll have Archiving on LTO, but need daily bkps on a DAS (preferably) by Thunderbolt rackmount. Can't find nothing besides Promise...
  4. I have a question regarding this feature. If I copy a backup and try to "continue" this backup on the final destination (on copy) Retrospect starts a new full backup. It doesn't compare contents. Is this meant to be this way?
  5. http://www.promise.com/storage/raid_series.aspx?region=en-global&m=192&rsn1=40&rsn3=49 I know this converter, but retro compatibility is a question!
  6. As I see HP doesn't support FC interface
  7. Hello Lennart, useful as always But what media type do you suggest? I don't have the Tape drive, and studying what to do ASAP.
  8. Well i will need to implement a redundancy (preferably by Tape drive) archive policy for daily backups on a NAS. Do you suggest anything?
  9. Hello, are you working on a new version with the per app vpn , feature? This is a cool feature, because outside my network i can use my work vpn on the fly.
  10. Not anymore... Our tape Library died. Considering to use AWS Glacier.
  11. That's not frequent, but i have some people that asks for a folder that was erased mistakenly 2 months ago. with 10 last backups and every day back... hummm Not good.
  12. Now I have 4% free space. I did groom manually and you are right. On a 1,3TB share only has free 32GB after groom. So what do you suggest? Last 10 backups? Create a groom policy?
  13. I get 32GB free... but on a 12TB disk it's almost nothing ;-)
  14. Right only 32GB + Executing Grooming at 13/10/31 (Activity Thread 2) Grooming Backup Set ****-Retro... Groomed 32,4 GB from Backup Set ****-Retro. 13/10/31 12:49:23: Execution completed successfully Duration: 01:59:28 (00:08:06 idle/loading/preparing)
  15. sorry for bring this old thread. I'm already groomng backups, but my destination disk isn't getting any free space. Any helps?
  16. I've done it! One guy added a folder to this share without the right permissions... GRRRRRR I Moved the folder to other side, and voilá!
  17. Yes it's simple... but check my comment: "I did that once and what i got was damaged disk, with read-only acess. I Don't risk do it again..."
  18. I will keep the verify disk to my very last option. Today I will: - Shutdown server where disk is; - Restart or even shutdown RAID Controller (The disk it self); - Propagate Permissions and ACLs on Server Admin for that Share (reminding that retro will backup all over again - the BUG) If that doesnt work, I have to think on that option.
  19. I Dont think it is a problem with disk errors... This because i added a new favorite folder on same Disk and it was very quick!
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