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  1. I cant remember the f#ck password for the media set...
  2. That's what i was doing right now ;-) Thank You
  3. I have an old catalog file (and also the tapes corresponding) but that is not on my media set yet. I need to import this catalog to the retrospect console, but not sure how to do it. I tried to create a new one and then locate the file manually that did not make any effect. The catalog is on retrospect 6 version and i'm trying to do it on version 9 Any helps?
  4. Ok, I can do it (each fav, each script, right?) But that doesn't help me to gain time... I did the error to archive some (many) folders from a share deciding this way.
  5. I'm trying to restore some favourite folders, but I can't do it in one time shot. I can only select one at a time.
  6. Yes, that I know. In this case wasn't a fav folder. Was a big Share with many folders. TY
  7. Hi, I want/need to erase some backup parts, let's say I archived some folders on another script/media set and I want to free some some also from the backups. Is it possible? If so is it possible also do it on the LTO Tapes backup?
  8. Change permissions accordingly and then propagate (Apply to enclosed items when in Get Info or propagate when in server admin)
  9. Try to locate client (Go to Sources, then Select the server you want, then locate) When I restart one of my retro clients I have to do that (everytime) Good luck
  10. Is it possible to print a table with all corresponding running scripts Sources, MediaSets?
  11. FYI I Was wrong. the backup is running with the differences only. I think the trick is the (un)tick "Use attribute modification date when matching" For your sanity, don't tick this option ;-)
  12. I Know CCC, but I cannot justify to my superiors why we need (another) replication sw. We bought full server version of retrospect... Well, let's recycle Media Set...
  13. Correct. The daily backups are running on A I Created a script from retrospect but the server and the client are the same ( B ), I used it for speed improvement (attached images)
  14. Hello, Last weekend I did a migration to a new bigger disk of 3 of local shares. As I have daily backups and these shares have many TB of data, I don't want to start a new backup. I already tried once to change the source on Retrospect, but it identifies as a new one and tries to start all over again? Is there a way to turn around? TY
  15. Hello, I am going to to a data migration. well I'm going to increment disk size adding 2 new disks to a RAID, but because of harware limitations, i cannt increment disk size without reformating the Logical Drive. So as I am going to do it with two separate Logical Drives (Same RAID Enclosure), my ideia is to "manually" copy the contents from the 1st to the 2nd, then add the 2 new disks fto the second and finally restore the contents from a Retro Backup to the 1st. (Am I thinking well?) My trouble is if the the backup isn't well done, I have the option of media verification only (against Thorough verification or No verif..) May I scan the media to confirm? BTW If I copy from the 1st to the 2nd with retro (against soft copy from finder) it will be fast? Or I will loose network performance (The disks are FC Connected)? TY
  16. I did a repair and rebooted. Trying again
  17. Is last night a backup run OK: - 01/07/14 23:27:48: Verifying 01/07/14 23:30:31: Execution completed successfully Completed: 1884 files, 29,1 GB Performance: 13 457,8 MB/minute Duration: 00:02:43 (00:00:29 idle/loading/preparing) 01/07/14 23:30:32: Execution completed successfully Total duration: 01:00:30 (00:37:40 idle/loading/preparing)
  18. + Executing Grooming at 02/07/14 (Activity Thread 1) Grooming Media Set "Retro" Groomed 0 B from Media Set "Retro" Grooming Media Set "Retro" failed, error -1101 ( file/directory not found) You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File. See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files. 02/07/14 13:12:12: Execution incomplete Duration: 04:12:33 (00:00:01 idle/loading/preparing)
  19. Hello, When trying to groom a (big) media set, I get an error saying to rebuild catalog.
  20. I suspect what it is.. after a few tests, restoring to a local folder was quick. Retro 10 is not 100% AFP compliant... new AFP server works by CIFS/SMB2 instead of true AFP
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