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  1. TOP! This is just what I needed/wanted. One last feature that I can't find is to automate the restore. I have always to manually select the last backup :-/
  2. TY for your precious info I'm going to try now, but it isn't a local volume to restore. Feedback soon
  3. Hi iCompute. I'm afraid you aren't correct (see attached image). If i restore entire disk it will erase destination So I'm doubtful between overwrite older or corresponding. Another issue is when I try to automate restore (do a schedule) I cannot select last backup. I only have the option to select one on the list (that already is made)
  4. Thank you iCompute. That's not my concern now. What I need is to restore differential, I found a few options, but not sure what be adequate
  5. Another nice feature fpr this restore would be if I can make differential restores, This is: Every week I make a backup (differential), then I would like to make a week script to restore only this newer files. I think this is possible
  6. YES! Up and Running :-) One note, Parallels won't let me run OS X not Server. So my first test was restoring a backup from a "simple" OS X, that could not be started. So again I tried with Server Edition and everything run smoothly :-D
  7. Yep that's it. So my project is: Backup a server install parallels on a new (more recent) server install a 10.6.8 on new image over parallels create and mount one (or more) disk(s) for the restore on the image restore the backup to the mounted disk (i'm at this stage) reboot and select the disk for start (Crossing fingers for that to work)
  8. I suspect that the restore won't happen "live". I have to mount an external drive and then restore. Feedback soon
  9. I think also version 11.x would be too much for a 10.6 OS. I have several 10.6 with Retro 9, and they are quite nice.
  10. I Stopped the script and now on log: Trouble deleting files, error -1201 ( stopped by operator) 10/04/15 15:32:03: Execution stopped by operator
  11. I'm testing to restore a full backup from a mac laptop. I did successfully the backup (one warning only) and now I'm trying to restore. What I did: - Full backup from a 10.6.8 laptop with all updates; - Formar the HDD, then reinstalled with same OS X and updates - I'm getting this for almost 2hours: BTW, I'm monitoring the Mac HD and it has the same size within this 2 hours
  12. Hi there, I want to test this feature before anything happens (If you know what I mean)... I installed the same version of the OS X I want to restore on a Virtual Machine over Parallels. So I need (obviously) to install Retro Client and then restore to this machine, but what happens to the real (live) server. It Happens that this server has also a Public IP Address and is running services...
  13. "No further questions Dr Thelander" :-p TY ;-)
  14. But lets imagine I want to start rotating offsite LTO Backups Do I need to create a new (complete) Media Set for this? Or Can this last tape as you answered became 2 rotating every week? Makes sense? I already have a full backup, and just want to start rotating now...
  15. I'm not sure, but do I need to have all tapes inserted when making a continuos backup. Scenario: I have a weekly backup to a LTO5 Media Set with 6 Tapes. Is it necessary to have all 6 tapes inserted? Or just the one (or even last 2) that is currently filling up? Does this question make any sense? TY
  16. How do I browse a linux client? On other sources I can browse trough the Disks (to make fav folders for example), here I cannot do it :-(
  17. I dont have enough paper to print out all 6TB of files... LOL So, the team has to ask me every time they need files :-S Patiente
  18. I have my colleagues sometimes asking me what is in a archive. Can I build a txt file or something like that for people to consult?
  19. I uninstalled, and re installed and asked me for a new password
  20. I cant find how I can change a client password (i cant remember it, so I need to change it)
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