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  1. Ok sorry its taken me so long to get back but I had to find another HDD to copy my backup files too. So I transferred the backup files to another disk and I get the same error. So we are in the same spot. Mayoff, any ideas now?
  2. I will have to try that and let ya know.
  3. I am using the latest 7.6.123 (Retrospect Express). The License that came with my Iomega HDD only allows me to go this high (cant upgrade to 7.7). I did create these backups though with the 7.6 software.
  4. A window will popup saying "The selected disk does not contain any Backup Set data files, please select another disk"
  5. Ok so I tried just selecting the 1-media set folder and I get the same message. I actually check every folder level starting from the HDD down to the 1-media set folder (mine being name 1-Laptop_Backup). so next idea? lol
  6. Hello All, I have tried searching around and even though there are a few threads on this topic, none of them are updated with a solution. I am trying to restore my computer from a set of backups that I have (all on an external HDD, files are called Retrospect Disk Backup Set with .rdb file extensions). When I go to recreate the catalog and choose from disk and select my external hard drive it says "there are no backup sets on drive"?? Also when I look at the file types that Retrospect is trying to find it only list .rbc and .rbf file extensions. So how can I restore my computer with the .rdb files I have? Thanks!
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