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  1. Thank you! I was leaning in that direction but was unsure. I actually just tried that, to no avail. The Exabyte library is on a SCSI interface and we cannot necessarily restart as the computer is also our gateway. And I kind of figured it was more of a guestimate, space wise, but it states that the tape is full at different intervals. (When I added each tape I went through, completely erased it and added it). But where it states that there is still 200-300GB's left on each drive, does that make sense that it is asking for a 12th tape? Or is that correlated to the 'guestimation' on Retrospects part?
  2. I apologize about the incorrect format. I have a media set with 11 tapes. Each tape is an LTO-3 400/800GB, when I added them to the media set, it only read as 744.2GB totaling what should be around 7.5TB Last night I ran the script for this media set, and it didn't complete because it wanted a 12th member. It was still reading 3.7TB free. @Lennart, I read your response to someone else about editing the selected member, but the pencil is greyed out. I can only assume it is because it is a Tape drive and not an Optical drive, but I do not know. My questions to the Google Gods came up unclear on that. We have two media sets per tag (we rotate them out) and the secondary set had been set up, but not used yet because we had just purchased those tapes. So I was experimenting on the unused set first. I selected 'Keep the Catalogue Compressed', and all it did was quadruple in size. When I unselected 'Keep the Catalogue Compressed', it quadrupled again. (I'm typing it directly from Retrospect (I took a screen shot but cannot figure out how to post it, the image selection only gives a URL)) So now it is showing the free space of 4,821,560.5TB Free. It is Retrospect 9.0.2 (107) running on OS X Server.
  3. Hello, I have this one question that is driving me crazy. Our company recently upgraded to Retrospect 9. We have LTO3 tape drives, and have one particular backup that is a couple 5-6tb's in size. Hardware compression is on. It's showing space used 4.7tb, space free 3.2 (well it did...more on that later) I set it to run overnight and it failed because it needed more media. 'Edit the Selected Member' is greyed out, which I'm assuming because it is a tape and not an optical drive. On a secondary backup set (not the one in question) I selected 'Keep the catalogue compressed' and it doubled in size. When I unselected it, it doubled in size again. It is currently at 4,821,560.5tb's. I can't remember what I did with the primary media set, but that is now showing 83.3 tb free, which is obviously incorrect. Anybody else experiencing this? Remedies or possible solutions? Thanks in advance -J
  4. Hello, I am relatively new to retrospect, and work for a company that employs it. Our IT predecessor did not leave much documentation on the product, but we are fast learners. One question I cannot seem to find an answer to is this: If I were to upgrade retrospect from 8.2 to 9, is there a way to keep the backup scripts that we have created in 8.2? Thank you in advance,
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