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  1. Long time user, first time poster. Settings/system Retrospect Windows 7.6.123 w/ hotfix Client installed on a Windows 7 x64 machine. Two daily alternating scripts A&B These settings have been working fine for a couple of years now, but for the past two days I get the following message error -530 (backup client not found) on both A&B scripts. I've seen this error on one of network Mac clients in the past but restarting the Mac usually fixes the problem. Restarting is not fixing the problem for this Windows client. Steps/checks so far Restarted both server and client Restared the client again after server was running. Server and client can read and write to each other. Manually ran a backup on the mapped drives and I get the same error message. Changed the client IP address and tried to manually add the IP address in Retrospect, but I still get the -530 error. The only recent software updates to the client have been MS automatic updates. No known updates have been made to the server. Another Windows 7 machine with the same settings is just fine with no errors. ++++++ I started to post this as a question, but now it looks more like a tip post. I just uninstalled and re-installed the client software. Restrspect would not recogonize the client re-install so I had to manually add the client again with the IP address. There were then two clients wit the same name so I deleted the old one, re-mapped the drives and am performing an immediate backup. Works so far. I now think the whole issue was with Windows firewall settings. I wonder if Retrospect was turned off with a Security essentials update. I can't tell now because of the re-install and wish I would have thought of it sooner. Oh well. Hopefully this will help someone else.
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