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  1. Sorry, I wasn't clear. Disk Utility didn't report any errors. Retrospect makes backups reliably, I use it since about ten years and I will continue. But I will not try again to copy volumes with it. As you say, other apps do it really better.
  2. I tried to repair the volume with Disk Utility, it didn't the job. Then I installed Retrospect from scratch, without success. Retrospect was able to copy other volumes to the same target, but not the start volume – MapError all the time. Finally I used the Carbon Copy Cloner (thank you, Maser!), successfully to 100 %. That's great, but why is Retrospect diagnosing a Map Error, and CCC can't even see it? Btw, I use the start volume for many hours daily, and I had never problems with it. Map Error??
  3. Trying (I did it repeatedly) to copy the start volume (82 from 200 GB) to another volume (on second harddisc in the same Mac Pro, OS X 10.7.3; Rule: Copy All Files), I get the following message after about 4 minutes: + Duplizieren (copying) using Kopier-Assistent - 25.03.12 at 25.03.12 auf Volume AlBunani 10.7... - 25.03.12 20:44:10: Kopieren von Abulafia MapError: unknown Mac error -2110 Durchsuchen unvollständig (Scan incomplete), Fehler (error) -1002( Mac OS: unbekannter Fehler, unknown error) 25.03.12 20:48:27: Ausführung unvollständig (Execution eincomplete) What's wrong? Retrospect 9.0.1 Thanks!
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