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  1. And indeed, I have to pay for an Upgrade of the old Value Add-on package. So upgrading from SBS Premium 7.7 w Add-on Value pack, cost more the I spend originally?!? Paying twice for a program that hast changed in many years? Still lacks the most basic features like “Running as a Service” and a “Repairable preference structure, that can be exported and import?” On the webpage showing the Windows Retrospect Editions, in the table, it says for the “Small Business Server” “Bare Metal Disaster Recovery” is included. No footmark, nothing. It clearly stated “Bare Metal Recovery” is included! A fellow forum user posted this Question: Does bare metal restore REQUIRE open file option? RESPONSE RECEIVED: It is not prerequisite but it is recommended so that Retrospect can backup all open files on the system. Thank you for using Retrospect, The Retrospect Support Team In my opinion as senior IT person, a backup without open files (this includes “Shared” files, files that are changed during the backup process...) result NOT backup that can restore the entire OS (“Bare Metal Recovery”). This is especially so for Servers. I can be wrong of course, so please correct me. Fulco
  2. (2) I got a Reply from Support: I also need to buy an Upgrade for the Add-on Value pack from 7.7. This makes the Upgrade from 7.7 to 8.5 more expensive then the original 7.7 version. Ridiculous. Making backups without Open Files is not an option!! So I hope they refund my money. Fulco
  3. Update: (1) Retrospect 8.5 is starting OK after installing .NET 4.x. So this problem seems to be solved! (2) I am getting a huge number of "Open file" related errors during a Backup on both the SBS Server and Clients. Fulco
  4. Today I tried to upgrade “Retrospect Small Business Server Premium 7.7” to “Retrospect Small Business Server app (SBS 2003-2011) Upgrade w/ ASM, WIN 8”. I have contacted support. I ended up installing 7.7 to get Retrospect working again. (1) Retrospect 8.5.136 did “hang” starting (>15 minutes). I think it was unable to “convert” the config77.dat file from the older version. I tried this several times. Starting without the “Retrospect” folder in “ProgramData”, so without previous preferences, worked. Then I could enter the license number. (2) To my horror when I entered the new license number, the “Open file” option didn’t became activated. Rereading the information on the Retrospect website left me nothing but confused. There now seem to be two “Open file” options? To get open files backup on the Server and the Clients, needs a new Add-on? I bought the “Retrospect Add-on Value Package for SBS,WIN 7.6/7.7” in the past. Do I need to spend more money? The reasons for buying this Upgrade are/where: (a) fixing the Grooming issue ( better Exchange Mailbox (2007/2010) access/backup © Retrospect running as a "Windows Service", so you have to have a terminal server session with Retrospect running all the time (d) Normal Preference structures, not a archaeological monolith of a .dat file. If the Grooming failures are fixed (for our system using 7.7), I don't know. The other points, especially © and (d), aren't changed at all! Fulco
  5. Happy anniversary: Grooming failure for more then 5 years! Fulco
  6. I personally prefer a XML based preference file, then there is no need for a repair tool. Fulco
  7. It amazes me again and again how companies producing hardware and software, are allowed to sell products that are not working for 100% (and there are major issues in 7.7). In my opinion they should comply to the same rules as all other industries, like fixing them (for free)! As an IT person, I spend the majority of my hours fixing things that should not need fixing. Or maybe I am not cut out for the job? Fulco
  8. Two years ago I bought Retrospect Windows Server 7.7 for SBS with Value Pack. I also paid for one year support. None of the ten reported problems / bugs where fixed in this period. I recently contacted Sales, with the question why user who bought version 7.7 should pay more then 50% of the purchase price again? The answer was: User Restore (which I already owned) and other new features. I only want my bugs fixed! In my opinion this version should have been published two years ago, and free! The delay is due to ....? Further more: reading the forum, even the bugs they mentioned as fixed, like the Grooming bug, are still there. Now they start pushing 8.1 (internal version?) to customers. What a mess. And even the most necessary fixes: the Preference file and Retrospect running as a Service, aren't even implemented. So please Retrospect, give buyers of 7.7 a free """"Upgrade"""". Running 8.x, I will send you, as always, extensive bug / test reports. Fulco
  9. Am I glad, I didn't pay the extortionate amount of money for this bug fix! Again, they should FIX bugs and don't let user who bought version 7.7, pay! Fulco
  10. A few years ago, I did a similar test. I found, there are a few good Backup programs around. Most of them gave excellent support, even for their trail version. However I used Retrospect since the '90, and have a large set op LTO tapes. Switching from one backup program to another, is a huge undertaking. That was the main reason to stay with Retrospect. I hoped Retrospect would finally (Dantz -> EMC -> Roxio) revive, after almost two years of "rest". This didn't happen! In August 2010, I bought "Windows Retrospect SBS Premium 7.7", with "Add-on Value Package SBS", and one year support. Directly I contacted support with a lot of important issues (Grooming failure, UAC issues on Windows Clients, Firewall issues on PowerMac Clients, ....). None of the issues could be fixed!! I also suggested two important changes for Retrospect: running as a SERVICE and a NORMAL preference structure, which make (yes, also version 8) Retrospect a potential unstable and a dated program. Now, November 2012 finally, at least according to the release notes (version 8.0), SOME of the issues are fixed. If this is the case, only an extensive test will tell. Acquiring this upgrade, which should be called an UPDATE and Retrospect 7.8, would cost me almost €700!?! The fact it took TWO years to produce this update, is bad enough! Calling the product 8.0 is only a marketing ploy! Even the two main shortcomings are still not fixed! So I ask Retrospect for a free update from 7.7 to "8.0". Which they refused. My conclusion, based on all software I use: Support, which includes fixes, patches, and continued development of a program, IS the most important feature! Fulco
  11. Retrospect Forum: Retrospect for iOS with Retrospect Sever Windows 7.7.620 I tried the iOS App with my iPad 3, and iOS 6.0.1. Twice I tried and had to "Kill" the Retrospect.exe process: after one hour this Process still used almost 100% CPU time (two physical processors). One time the preference file got destroyed in the process (both .dat and .bak files). Fulco
  12. I installed Retrospect 8, and checked: NO, Retrospect still doesn't run as a Service! NO, Retroespect still has the old, problematic preference file!
  13. 2413: Fixed a bug that caused repeat occurrences of Grooming error -2241 even after catalog rebuilds Our server suffers from this same bug for years. When I bought Retrospect some years ago I reported this bug, and a few others, to Retrospect. No fix has been aviable for years. Now they seem to have fixed the bug, but ask more then Euro 600.00!!! Fulco
  14. Two additional questions (to the release notes): - does Retrospect Windows 8 Server run as a "Service" - are the Preference fixed (not a single file anymore, but seperate, transportable, readable files)? Fulco
  15. Roxio did confirm, that there are Grooming issues! In the not so distant past, I used a ‘once a week’ Grooming script. This however resulted in far more: "Grooming Backup Set XYZ failed, error -2241 ( Catalog File invalid/damaged)†And "Grooming Backup Set XYZ failed, error -2242 (Catalog File duplicated or ambiguous)" errors. Nevertheless I will try a weekly grooming script on one of the backup sets, and report back.
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