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  1. Backup devices should be available and visible within Retrospect in real time, just as they are in Windows. At present it is necessary to exit Retrospect and to re-start it to see newly connected backup devices.
  2. Thank you! I was missing the obvious, looking for installation files in the application. Doh. That seems to have worked anyhow, and I have installed it on a workstation with Professional already installed without any problems - so far. My next task is to work out how I can confine the backup to a specific folder. I see it is posible to exclude ndividual drives and folders one by one, but I only really need to back up the Windows Mail Folder, and possibly My Doccuments, although everything of importance is kept on the server for centralised backup. I am also slightly puzzled by Retrospect's actions after backup. From what I understand it is possible to set Retrospect so that it shuts down the computer when a backup is completed. That is handy for night time backups, but is it possible to set different actions for (say) a lunchtime backup? In other words, is it possible to set different preferences for each backup? Nigel.
  3. Don't forget that (if you have two backup devices) you can copy backup sets between them. So you could, in theory, create a new backup set, and then copy the contents of the original set to it (if there is space). A new catalogue file will then be created for the combined backup. Retrospect is clever, so it won't copy files that already exist in the set. (This is how the catalogue is used.) You can also use the file selector to choose which files are transferred from your old backup. So if, for example, you only need files from an accounts programme, you can choose to select those and exclude everything else. I hope that helps you sort it out.
  4. I have two and a half questions about this: Firstly, where exactly are the installation files for Backup Agent? (I have both 7.7 Professional and 7.7 Server for Windows.) I have read the instructions, but the files I have found so far only seem to open the Professional installation when I install them! Can I download them, rather like the Disaster Recovery Disk? Secondly, can I install the backup agent on a Windows 7 workstation that already has Professional installed, or will this cause a conflict? Finally, for an extra point, is the Retrospect Disaster Recovery Disk specific to the machine it was created on, or will it work with any machine that has (or had) Retrospect installed on it? (For example, does it copy driver files for installed SCSI adaptors, and will a Recovery Disk created on a Windows 7 Workstation work on a Windows server?)
  5. There is an option to keep a copy of the catalogue file on the backup media. I have forgotten where this is, but I think you select this option when creating a a backup set. (We use RDX and LTO tape drives.) There is a further option (in Configure, Backup Sets, Properties, Options) for fast catalogue rebuild. This only needs the latest backup member, and having used it recently to transfer files to a new server it deosn't take too long to recreate the new catalogue file. Hope that helps.
  6. Retrospect promises to (I quote): "Completely restore a previously backed up computer that has failed with the Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD." Note the word "Completely". However, what about the files that Retrospect refuses to back up unless you spend thousands on the Open File Backup option (currently 217 files as of our Friday night backup)? I have used Retrospect for at least ten years, and have recently upgared to Version 7.7, but I am sorry to say that I am rapidly loosing confidence in it as a backup tool.
  7. The current pricing of Retrospect software is bizarre in my view. Retrospect SBS Standard currently costs £261.00 Retrospect Single Server currently costs £359.00 If I want to be able to back up open files (which is what you do on a server), it would cost £315.00 extra if you were using SBS, or £709.00 extra (i.e. nearly treble) if you were not using SBS! Meanwhile, Retrospect Professional, which uses exactly the same software as the above (bar the licence code), and backs up open files, costs just £60.00, but will not work on a server unless the licence code is changed. Can anybody explain this logic to me? (All of the above are UK list prices, without tax.) I chose not to use SBS 2011 as I didn't want or need Exchange Server, SQL Server, or any of the other bloat ware that comes with it. However, I am now finding that Retrospect want to charge me double the cost of a modest server for an add-on just to back up my open files (and to stop the error messages when backing up). Can I suggest that for Server backup software, it would be much fairer, and more attractive, to price the software and/or add-ons by the number of licensed users on the server, rather than pricing by OS alone. That way a small office with (say) five users would pay less than a banking centre with several thousand. Does that make sense?
  8. Unfortunately, the SBS Premium version of Retrospect was specific to Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, and would not work with any other version of Microsoft Server. If I try to add the licence code for my add-on it says (I quote): Can't add that licence code (doesn't offer additional functionality) Please try again. As I explained, we purchased SBS 2011 with the new server, but despite meeting all of the hardware requirements by a considerable margin it ran very slowly, and was not at all stable. SBS 2011 also included a lot of functionality that we just didn't need (such as Exchange and SQL server), and which couldn't be safely disabled. I ended up selling the SBS 2011 package on e-bay at a considerable loss, as neither Micro$soft or the reseller would offer any help or a refund; even though the licence code had never been entered So, after several unsuccessful re-installations of SBS 2011 we then purchased Windows Server 2008 R2 (NOT SBS), which works perfectly, but for some reason Retrospect charge nearly five times as much for the add-on package as they do for SBS versions of Windows Server; (£1,798 GBP including VAT instead of £378 for the SBS version.) If you want to include support this goes up to a stonking £2,140.80! To put this into perspective, our new Fujitsu server only cost about £500. I could understand if open file backup required complex additional software, but it is just a licence code! And the £28 GBP version (Retrospect Professional) does open file backup for free, but won't work on Windows servers, even though the software is identical! (Again this is just a licence code). I really like Retrospect, and have used and trusted the software for more than ten years now; but frankly I just feel they are taking the Mickey with add-on prices like these. Maybe somebody should tell them that small businesses are not having an easy time right now. And maybe I should look elsewhere for my backup software. PS: If anybody from Retrospect is listening, wouldn't it be better to offer these add-on packages according to the number of user licences on the server? Surely this would be a much fairer way of charging for add-ons than by software name alone? After all, SBS can support up to 50 users, whilst Server 2008 R2 Standard only comes with 5 user licences.
  9. Unfortunately my previous version was for Windows 2003 R2 SBS Premium, so the add-on package no longer works. I did install SBS 2011 when we first bought the new server, but we didn't need Exchange or SQL, and it didn't run well, so we reverted to WIndows 2008 R2 (not SBS) which runs like a dream. Unfortunately, Retrospect charge like a wounded bull for the licence codes, so we are kind of stuck. I could understand if we were running a multi-national corporation, but £850 GBP EXTRA just to back up open files seems rather excessive for only four users.
  10. My trial of Single Server Backup 7.7 (for Windows) has now run out, so I bought the software. (I previously ran SBS 7.6 for several years.) Everything is still working, but after 45 days of error free backups I am now getting numerous error reports concerning files which could not be backed up because of 'sharing violations'. I gather this is because the trial software was able to copy files which were open and in use, but the full version does not. I presume these files are not important? I would buy the Open File Backup add-on, but at £850.00 GBP (around three times the cost of the original software), it is rather expensive. Is this list price even correct I wonder? On the other hand, Retrospect Professional 7.7 on my desktop machine cost only £28 GBP to upgrade, and backs up open files without any add-ons! Is there any way around this problem? Would it be better to run a separate Windows 7 PC as a backup server, rather than trying to save energy and the planet by running just one Windows 2008 R2 server? Alternatively, is there any way of excluding open files from the backup to prevent the error messages? Does Symantec backup copy open files I wonder? I would have thought this was an obvious requirement for any server backup software.
  11. I am currently running a trial of Multi Server 7.7 on our new server. The server is running Windows 2008 R2 Standard (not SBS). (We have been running Retrospect on our 2003 R2 server for some time, so we are familiar with the programme.) We currently have Quantum LTO 2 and LTO 3 tape drives configured for daily backups, with an HP RDX device which backs up user files every two hours during the day. This was all working well until we had to reinstall the OS and Retrospect on a new array last weekend. The problem is that the RDX cartridge ejects after every single backup, even though this option is not selected. I have tried enabling and then disabling 'Eject Media after Backup', but this makes no difference. The tape cartridges eject to order, but I seem to have no control over the RDX cartridge, which ejects whether I want it to or not, although it worked well before the re-install. I assume this is caused by a registry error somewhere? Does anyone know if there is a fix for this? I also have an occasional problem when exiting Retrospect. If I ask it to check the media on exiting it usually hangs, and gives an error message. (This has happened on both installations.) This again seems to be related to the RDX drive, as it doesn't usually happen when the RDX cartridge is ejected. Any help would be very welcome. NN
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