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  1. Yes, you can use Retrospect 10.0.1 on OS X Mountain Lion.
  2. The Retrospect Forum has been a big part of our customer community for over a decade and has received over 150,000 posts. Some of our long-time customers joined as early as 2001. In fact, our Director of Tech Support, Robin, has posted over 10,000 times; that's more than twice a day, every day. A big thank you goes out to our most responsive users like Lennart Thelander and twickland for their enormous efforts. We're thrilled to have such a thriving community of users, helping each other ensure that every computer is protected. We took a bit of time over the past week to give the forum a fresh coat of paint and to integrate our new site search directly into the forum. Now you can search the main site with its new integrated knowledge base as well as the forum. And if you need help, we added links to the main page that point you to our support team and our documentation. Just one final note, if the header looks off, it's just a browser caching issue; hitting Refresh will clear it up. Thanks again for helping ensure that every business has a backup.
  3. Sorry for the confusion over this issue. The installer should automatically handle stopping a running engine before upgrading to the new version. Please contact our support team if you're having issues.
  4. Sorry for the confusion over this issue. The upgrade process through the 10.1 console does not require you to manually stop the engine beforehand. The console uses our standard installer, and that installer always stops the existing engine if it's present and running, as part of the preflight workflow. One issue could be that the running engine is busy and finishing up before it stops. Have you continued having an issue with this?
  5. @jclark14 For the issue with Past Backups not updating as fast, is this right after a backup completes?
  6. Excellent. Thanks for posting your installer log. It helped us track down the issue.
  7. Thanks for pointing out these issues. The Mac 10.1 PDF has been updated with the correct links. We will be steadily updating the content.
  8. Sorry to hear about the installer issues. @amkassir, can you upload the installer log to your support ticket from yesterday? I think the section above was just a subset of it from the "All Message" view. @sbgraphic, can you create a support ticket and upload the installer log to it as well? This will help us track down what the issue is. You can find the installer log in the Console utility app under /var/logs or in the engine installer in the "Window" menu bar item.
  9. We've updated the Downloads page to reflect the correct size (414 MB). The download from that page is a DMG, while the update from within Retrospect is a zip file. There are a few differences between the two files, but both include everything you need for a complete update.
  10. We're very happy to announce free updates to both our Mac and Windows products. Since the November release, the whole team has been working tirelessly to fix numerous issues and touching up various parts of both products. As many forum readers would imagine, Instant Scan, Exchange, and grooming topped the list, but we also refreshed the Mac UI and migrated our documentation online: http://retrospect.co...t/documentation . Check out the Mac release notes and the Windows release notes to see what has been resolved. Keep in mind that the list doesn't include every fix in the release, but we do include all the bugs that we've referenced over support or in these forums. As always, please get in touch with our support team if you have any questions.
  11. bdunagan

    8.1 update

    That's correct. The free 8.1 update is now available. You can simply run the installer. There's no need to remove 8.0 first.
  12. Excellent point, the spring/fall distinction is biased to the northern hemisphere. The next release will be available this month. The 1,000 days issue (bug 3253) actually had two parts: an interface component and a data component. The UI piece was fixed in and but was specifically in the client; its omission from the pre-release notes was simply an oversight, as that pre-release was focused on engine issues. The data component was fixed after the pre-release and will be included in the upcoming release. However, we'll only include the above bug in the release notes. This highlights the other point: discrepancies between our bug counts and our release notes. I know you've brought up this difference before. We try to include all appropriate fixed bugs in our release notes, where customers have brought them up as issues in these forums or via support. But we do exclude many more which are too technical, esoteric, or simply part of a larger issue, like the one above. That said, we'll keep our marketing more in check in the future. Thanks for your feedback. We hope to get the next release to you soon.
  13. We wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped out with the upcoming release. A number of you took a look at the pre-release version and gave us good feedback on it. We've deactivated those links, as the next release is due out soon. Thanks again for everyone's help and feedback.
  14. This issue (bug 3253) has indeed been fixed in the Windows and Mac clients and will be in the upcoming release.
  15. Sorry to hear that the new Save/Revert feature for Scripts is appearing a bit random. The popup should appear immediately when you attempt to move to another script or view. As both you and iCompute have seen, the "Disable all schedules" checkbox is the odd man out in the Save/Revert workflow. We'll be improving the UI for that soon. However, we've been unable to reproduce the specific issues you saw. Let us know any additional information if you (or anyone else) is continuing to see problems like this, so that we can make sure this feature works as intended for everyone.
  16. Thanks for the report. This issue (bug 3385) is fixed in the upcoming release.
  17. I addressed this in the post linked to below, but we are indeed fixing the workflow for updating servers. The next release will only ask once for that server; after that, it'll simply display a small update icon next to the server. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150055-retro-9-and-10-console-on-same-machine/page__p__253693#entry253693
  18. Excellent suggestion. As you discovered, the "Disable all schedules" checkbox is not subject to the normal Save/Revert rules. We'll address this UI discrepancy (bug 3611).
  19. Very sorry for the delay. I know this data confusion has been an issue since Mac 8.0. However, we thought we fixed it in 9.0 and have been unable to reproduce the problem in-house with 10.0. I tried quite a bit last month and never saw it. Still, I know you use SSH tunnels to reach the remote servers. Are there situations where the two remote servers have the same private IP (192.168.0.*)? Or when the remote server restarts while the console is open? Regardless, if you see the issue again, please contact our support team with your configuration (referencing this forum topic), and I'll make sure we address it. Until then, you should definitely relaunch the console whenever you see data issues like this.
  20. The update message certainly should not come up so often, and you should be able to click "Skip this version" or "Remind me later". We understand that upgrading backup software is a serious business. There might be some other dialog open that's preventing console interaction, but we're not sure why the update dialog continues to appear daily. If you have continued to have an issue with this, please contact our support team at http://www.retrospect.com/support.
  21. OK, guys. I think we are on the same page now. I see that you guys have been highlighting this issue for almost a year, in support cases and forum posts (http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/147798-administering-mixture-of-retro-8-9-servers/). We've done a poor job handling your scenario, and we're going to fix that in the upcoming free update. The next console will offer significantly better support for managing multiple servers with different versions. It will fully support v9.0+ servers and partially support v8.2 (if you only need to monitor). For fully managing v8.2 servers, you'll need to continue using the v8.2 console, but you'll be able to use it simultaneously with the next console. Moreover, the next console will only ask about upgrading your older server instances once. Finally, our free Retrospect for iOS app can monitor 8.2, 9.0.x, and 10.0.x servers right now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/retrospect/id496306645?mt=8. To answer the other questions: * shared configurations: v9.0+ versions of the console all share the same configuration file (located in ~/Library/Preferences/com.retrospect.retrospect.plist). * Config80.dat: This is the server's configuration file (located in /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/). While it has 8.0 in the name, we've used the same file name for every version since then and plan to continue doing so. * v9.0 and v10.0: We originally didn't test managing v9.0 and v10.0 servers simultaneously from a v10.0 console, so we did that over the holidays just to be sure. No problems. Please use it if it fits for your environment. * v9.0 console with v10.0 engine: As you saw, the console doesn't do a great job deciding when to attempt a server upgrade. We fixed that in v10.0 and on. We hope these upcoming refinements make managing multiple servers a better experience. Let us know what you think or if I missed something.
  22. We did not test that particular configuration, so it's not supported. That said, we did add safeguards, so that new features like Script Save/Revert work correctly for both versions of the engine. Let us know how the upgrade process goes.
  23. Just letting everyone know that we offer discounts for those upgrading from v6 to the latest release. Please contact our sales team for more details.
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