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  1. We're pleased to announce Retrospect 11.5 for Windows and Retrospect 13.5 for Mac. Both products include Dropbox support as a cloud storage destination as well as Amazon S3 Mumbai, Swisscom, and Cloudian Hyperstore. In addition, these versions include engine configuration management, a reduced storage footprint, the latest software platform certifications, and many bug fixes.

    Find out more: What's New in Retrospect
    Available immediately for download and purchase.
  2. We're pleased to announce Retrospect 11 for Windows and Retrospect 13 for Mac. Both products support hybrid data protection through cloud backup. Retrospect is certified to back up to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, DreamHost, ArubaCloud, Dunkel Cloud Storage, and Numergy, along with private cloud certification via Basho Riak CS. In addition, Retrospect includes performance improvements to backup (20% faster), restore (20% faster), grooming (5x faster), and catalog rebuild (3x faster).

    Find out more:
    Available immediately for download and purchase.
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  3. Yes, unfortunately, the release does not include this fix for the server. We are currently working on a second update to v12, which will include it. We have not been able to reproduce the firewall issue with the client however.


    @henry-in-florida If you still see the security warning when installing the client or a firewall alert for running the client, could you post a screenshot here or to your support ticket? Thanks!

  4. Sorry for the confusion. 12.0.1 is indeed out, but we found a bug (#5427) in our auto-updates that prevents Retrospect from seeing 12.0.1 under certain conditions. (Specifically, when you run 11.5.3 or earlier then upgrade to 12.0.0 then try to update to 12.0.1.) This will be fixed in 12.0.2, along with a number of other issues.


    Until then, download the new version from our Downloads page. Alternatively, for those comfortable with the command line, quit Retrospect and type in Terminal: 

    defaults delete com.retrospect.Retrospect SUFeedURL

    Then relaunch Retrospect and try "Check for Updates" again. Retrospect should see the update.
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  5. The performance increases are quite dependent on the computer environment. In general, local backup is modestly faster, and remote client backup is significantly faster. For both scanning and snapshot building, Retrospect is much more efficient with file system calls, and these improvements are more apparent for remote clients due to the high overhead for network calls.


    These changes are unrelated to Instant Scan and Block Level Incremental Backup. It's true that they are more noticeable during incremental backup.

  6. Sorry for the confusion. As people have seen, the performance increases do depend on your environment, not on the amount of data transferred or on Instant Scan. The new release is significantly faster in backing up and restoring data on remote clients. It also has improved logic for what cached files to exclude on all platforms. Both improvements are more noticeable on incremental backups. For example, backing up a Windows client could be twice as fast for an incremental backup. As our support team said, the performance change for a local Windows backup could be negligible, depending on the state of cached files.


    There are a number of other great improvements to the product in this release–grooming, email, dashboard, SQL 2014–but again, their relevance depends on your environment.

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