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  1. Is there something I'm missing about getting those commands in the client menus to do anything? All ours say "disabled by administrator", although the server preferences have all the "allow"s checked as enabled.
  2. Eventually found that selecting "none" from that pop-up somehow tricked it into putting down a subchoice under "any" in which I could specify "all". Is this undocumented kludge the only way to make a restore work now? Or is it just me?
  3. More often than not one gets more useful information from users than from support, with less grueling time-wasting. And, one can hope that someone from the inside is at least glancing at the mounting list of problems.
  4. After repeated tries, can't get the pop-up at the top of the define search in Restore to stick at "all". Keeps reverting to "any". Failing to notice this the first time caused a drive to entirely fill up with undesired Restore matches. Screen shots of a number of attempts attached.
  5. actually, now that I think about it, I think I did go back and uninstall and re-install again. But, I'm going to try to do it again just in case.
  6. We only have one server. I suspect the client is getting hung when the server crashes, which has been happening frequently since the last update.
  7. I think I must have missed that bit about uninstalling the previous version. More than likely, since Retrospect was anxious to auto-install as soon as I launched it. Did that apply just to the clients, or the Console and Engine as well?
  8. What is this "Client is Reserved" stuff? Clients keep going into this state where they can't be backed up (and there's no way to tell until it has failed and you see it in the log.) What's it gonna take to clear this error and get the machine backed up again? I think I managed it once by completely uninstalling the client and reinstalling it. That will be a lot of fun on a daily basis. Possibly also worked to restart both the server and client, but it would be helpful to find a method that was not so undesirable.
  9. I gave up and turned off the instant scan. But the Retrospect engine itself is using up 150-200% of the processor. Keep coming in to find our server hopelessly hung. discouraged.
  10. well, I just went to the address to see who they are, which made it pretty clear. "Licensing and analytics". "Trusted by Retrospect and Drobo." (how comforting.) Screen shot attached.
  11. Downloaded what is supposed to be the new client from the Retrospect website. After many attempts and restarts and refreshes, trying to rune "update" on the clients using the .rcu seemed to have no effect. After running the installer on one client locally, it is finally showing up with the new version number.
  12. Just found the server quite unresponsive and had to force reboot it. Checked the activity monitor, and the Retrospect Engine is currently at 200% CPU usage.
  13. That rang a bell. They sent me a link to 10.1 beta awhile ago because of another issue. I just double-checked, and that is the version that is running with these high CPU hits. 10.1.0 (187)
  14. I would consider chronically overloading and periodically crashing our server to be a problem. Here are some random screen shots from a period of a couple of minutes. I couldn't catch the processes when they were both at their peak. I believe Retrospect is trying to do something at the moment, but I have seen this retroISA using up to and over 100% of the CPU when Retrospect is not doing anything as far as I can tell. What the heck is it and what is it up to? This is on an XServe 2x2.26 GHz Quad-Core Xeon, 6 GB RAM Mac OS X Server 10.6.8
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