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  1. thats great i think i need to invest in some glasses as i couldn't see that before!!!
  2. hi in previous versions of retrospect there was an option to auto shutdown macs after backup - which stopped in osx, does anyone one know of a script of anything that can make that happen as i am having to leave all the machines on all the time because of the backup!!! Thanks
  3. this can be closed the mac was incorrectly named in system prefs/sharing uninstalled and reinstalled client and works fine..
  4. Just installed Retrospect 9 client on a mac osx lion system - it automatically gave the client name as Macpro's Mac Pro!!! I need to change this, does anyone know how this can be done, i have logged a call with retrospect tech support and they promised someone will email me etc and have not heard anything at all from them!! even after numerous telephone calls to them!! hope there is someone out here who can help me!!!!! Thanks Jatin
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