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  1. You assumed; thats the problem here. What do you think I made up again? Aren't you getting off the point a little here. Interesting you feel the need to preach to me about IT business and the way it works for your example of market. So your example was clearly a poor choice as you patronisingly explain as if I were still at school; thanks for that. Again you have moved off the point.
  2. Implication is not fact so don't put words in my mouth. Interesting analogy when my Mountain Lion upgrade was 200+ extra features, only 20 pounds sterling and available forall my App store machines; and they did fix my support submission. For Retrospect 10, I see 4 'new' features, plus 4 'improvements' for hundreds of pounds sterling, even for an upgrade. You clearly missed my point, as annual upgrades are not an issue when you have fixed previous problems in the current version and give the customer good reasons to upgrade, like ML was an easy decision, rather then repackage previous faults in the old version as improved in the new version, while forcing me to upgrade IF I want the features that I have already paid for and submitted bug reports for. So I am afraid your analogy doesn't work for me, as I say not market.
  3. Where did I say I was promised?' Where did I say updates were always free? Interesting what other software you use, as none of my other mac software suppliers have your attitude or upgrade policy. We can all use bold text and suggest support agreements, but most of us these days expect a minimum level of support and upgrades on our investment. 2 minor updates is well, disgraceful and not in line with the market.
  4. Words fail me..... Edit: Removed 9.5, that could be a feature bump edition.
  5. I can with ease. Using a 20 license sever edition with all the clients working fine from the backup script. Non of them remind me that they have not been backed up for days; nor start a backup when requested on the client 'backup now' The error is that the server does not support this, even though the backup storage set is selected and the proactive backup is ticked. Clients are connected via certs. What other information is needed to solve this critical fault? Thanks Paul.
  6. I am one using 20 client Server addition for Mac. Regards If there was a Home Server Addition it would have been preferred
  7. Thanks for the information, both enlightening and a little shocking. v9 Lion compatible and only uses one core of the cpu (is that what was meant, as your point one says 1 cpu rather than 1 core, unless this is a multi cpu server?)
  8. So this one attached; As its listed I presume it means that hardware compression is on and supported? Just wondered why the other wasn't labelled software compression to avoid confusion? Thanks & Regards
  9. Hi I cannot understand why in the summary for a backup that the device shows 'Compression OFF' when I am expecting hardware compression to be enabled? Should this say 'Software Compression: OFF' as that would be correct in my case? Thanks
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