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  1. I have a questions regarding the use of SQL databases backed up through Retrospect. Quick questions: What is the actual format of the retrospect backup of the database? Does Retrospect actually generate a .BAK file of the database? Can these be provided as databases to be imported to a new hosted system? Long explanation of the ask: I am backing up a SQL 2012 database for our internal ERP service using Retrospect SQL Agent. We are planning on moving this service to a new server hosted by the ERP vendor. For our vendor to set up the new server, they require a backup of our current database. However, our install of SQL Server Management Studio just started giving us a licensing error and will not launch to allow us to export the database, and the SQL Server Management Studio stopped working. We are concerned about trying to resolve the licensing error by uninstalling/reinstalling the software without current backups, so a "Perfect Storm" of problems. Talking with the ERP vendor, they asked if we can provide a backup file from a different backup solution for them to use. If the Retrospect backup would work, we could simply use that to set up our new server, and not worry about resolving the licensing issue on a server that we are planing on retiring anyway. So, while we are backing up through retrospect, I am not sure if the backup format is correct, and if it is, how I could provide it to the vendor. Any assistance or advice is appreciated. Don
  2. I have 17 Macintosh clients that I am backing up to a Mac Server running MacOS 10.6.8 with Retrospect 10.5.0 (145). All clients agents are I back up to a Sony SDX-1100 AIT-5 tape drive. My problem is that many of the machine give me the following error. Can't access volume Users on xxxx MacPro, error -1101 ( file/directory not found) I run a nightly backup script for these machines starting at 10PM. Although the machines are configured identically, some get this error and some don't. If I run the script during the day, while the machine is being used, it seems to work with much more success. It seems when the script runs at night, the server cannot see some machines, as though they are asleep. But power settings are the same for all the clients. I also back up Mac server shares in the same script and do have any problems. It's only with the clients. This has been a problem regardless of version. It was happening even back on Retrospect 8. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this? Any comments are appreciated. Thank you in advance, Don
  3. SOLVED: Just to let people know. I contacted customer support and asked about this. They sent a response: "What type of Media Sets are you using? Right now the Backup and Restore on demand only work with Disk type media sets." My sets are tape, so that explains it. Maybe I should have figured it would only work on hard drives, but I did not see anything in the documentation. I don't know if I missed it or not. But if it isn't in there, hopefully Retrospect sees this and adds it.
  4. Steve, First off, thanks for the reply. I tried with a new config80.dat file and there was no change. I guess I will keep trying and see if I can figure it out. Don
  5. I have just upgraded to 9.0.0 (319) Server with unlimited clients. Right now I have all Mac clients installed. On all the clients, if I try to choose either "Back up Now" or Restore Now" from the menu bar, It says "On-demand backup is not available on your Retrospect server". But when I try to set my server to allow these options, I go to preferences and select "Clients". But the check boxes for On demand Back Up and Restore are both grayed out and I cannot turn these options on. I am running the server engine on a MacPro 2x3 GHz quad Xeon with 6 GB RAM. Mac OS 10.6.8. Clients are mostly iMac i7 8GB RAM, all Mac OS 10.6.8. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Don
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